Heroes are traditionally viewed as saviors, fueled by willpower and immense talent in order to protect everyone. However, Rise of the Shield Hero manages to shed a different light on what it means to be a hero, although not as extreme as the likes of The boys.

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In the Heroes of the Shield anime, Naofumi is tasked with being the titular hero of this world after being Isekai’d from his own world, but he’s not the only one. Other people were chosen to become the heroes of the lance, sword and bow. Namely, Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki, respectively. These heroes are largely useless in wave fights, and are generally described as easily unsympathetic. While not as outwardly unsympathetic as Motoyasu, the hero of the Itsuki arc makes mediocre and questionable decisions barely worthy of a hero. There are a lot of arc users in the anime who would arguably be better suited to be the hero of the arc.

ten Archer Would Just Dominate The Waves (Fate / Stay Night)

Unlimited Blade Fate Stay Night Archer Works

the Destiny the series can be confusing at times for new viewers looking to try the anime out in terms of the correct order to watch it all. However, one aspect that cannot be disputed is the incredible strength and talent displayed with so many characters.

Archer Destiny / stay the night is one example, its name rightly evoking its main strength, archery. Unlike many other anime archers, the extent of his strength and power is astronomical, he is able to shoot incredible distances with serious strength. If the Bow Hero were to be a proficient bow and arrow user with a down-to-earth attitude to doing what needs to be done, then Archer would do just fine.

9 Kagome Higarashi would put every ounce of his being to protect the people (Inuyasha)

Kagome shoots an arrow at Inuyasha

Inuyasha‘s Kagome Higarashi is a prime example of a character with a good and pure heart, but who will stop at nothing in fighting for justice. Since Kagome is a reincarnation of a feudal-era miko in Kikyo, it takes some time for him to grow up and perfect his fighting skills, emphasizing bow and arrow, as Kikyo did before. she.

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Kagome gradually learns to incorporate her spiritual powers into her archery, with her slowly but steadily becoming more proficient and deadly with both bow and arrow. Kagome wouldn’t be the deadliest Bow Hero possible compared to other anime archers. However, his moral compass and his desire to fight for justice would be a tremendous asset in rallying the people against the waves.

8 Yoichi would bring a certain outsider flavor to his role as hero of the arc (Seraph of the End)

Weapons and their carriers have a unique relationship in Seraph of the end, the wearer having to win and contract with a demon, before they can use their power. The process is difficult and dangerous, but each character has their own driving force that pushes them through and allows them to take control of their demon.

Towards the start of the series, Yoichi Saotome was seen as naive and too generous to be considered a cursed equipment user. Yoichi almost succumbed to his demon during the contract ceremony, but he persevered and got away with it. He has learned to make the most of being a ranged attacker with his cursed bow, gradually becoming a formidable asset to have in battle, while still keeping his heart out of being a kind person fighting for justice.

seven Farangis would pursue a just cause with all his might (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan)

Farangis Gieve Arslan Senki

The heroic legend of Arslan follows the main character as a fleeing prince forced to leave his home. Arslan forms a loyal and talented group of individuals to one day help him return home and take what is rightfully his or her right before all the betrayal and deception.

Two of the additions to the group are Farangis, a priestess, and Gieve, a traveling musician, and they have both proven to be exceptional archers. Both have exceptional skills with the bow, their talents being able to easily formulate and participate in any plan Master Strategist Narsus can formulate. While Gieve’s motives are often questionable, Farangis’ unwavering loyalty and bondage would make her a reliable Bow Hero.

6 As long as the waves continue, Otherwise would continue to protect those she cares about (Sword Art Online)

otherwise alfheim online avatar sword art online

Sword art online has introduced several characters over the years who find joy and obsession in the world of virtual reality, with them able to step away from the trials and traumas of real life. Few of the characters represent it as well as Shino Asada, known in-game as Otherwise.

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Introduced in the Gun Gale Online arc of Sword Art Online IIOtherwise accompanies Kirito with his exceptional sniper skills and is eventually added to Kirito’s group of close friends. When playing any game outside of Gun Gale Online, Autre takes on the role of an archer, a logical progression that uses his accuracy and prowess from a distance. Otherwise fights fiercely for those who deserve his loyalty and would be a valuable asset in fending off waves of enemies.

5 Ashitaka would be a hero to rally (Princess Mononoke)

Ashitaka and San

Released in 1997, Princess mononoke is still considered by many to be one of Studio Ghibli’s best films, from its gripping action and storyline to the interesting characters. One of these characters is Prince Ashitaka, who becomes cursed but learns to use it and become stronger.

His determination to heal his curse and save everyone is a testament to his will and would certainly translate well to becoming the Bow Hero in Rise of the Shield Hero. Ashitaka has a good heart and would prefer there to be no bloodshed, but he will always do what needs to be done. He’s a good archer anyway, but with the possession of the curse it makes him a truly terrifying archer.

4 Sailor Mars would rule her temper against the waves (Sailor Moon)

One of the other Marines who was not the incumbent sailor moon, Sailor Mars, whose everyday name was Rei Hino, was a brash person who reflected this in her fights. Rei had a great affinity with fire, often unleashing relentless and unpredictable flames on his opponents.

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Sailor Mars also showed her talent for archery with her “Mars Flame Sniper” attack, which showed her hot temper, as well as her skill with both bow and arrow. Despite her relatively short fuse, Rei’s loyalty was rarely questioned despite teasing and questioning those she cared about on a regular basis. She would survive well in the realms of Rise of the Shield Hero and would eventually unleash his chaos on the waves, not to mention those who wronged him or his friends.

3 Uryu Ishida’s keen sense of justice is believed to lead to saving people in danger (bleach)

Uryu uses his bow

Archers should not always be used by bearers of physical bows and arrows. Several anime characters are known to make weapons from another material, with magic being the most common source.

In the case of Bleach‘s Uryu Ishida, he manipulates and uses energy, as you would expect from a Quincy. His power and precision grew throughout the series and made him a formidable fighter and archer. Uryu also possesses a strong sense of justice, with it in particular a vow to bring justice to those who mistreat or mistreat women. This virtue and his fighting prowess would certainly make him a candidate to be the hero of the bow.

2 Ukyo Saionji would prefer not to engage in bloodshed but would do whatever it takes for peace (Dr. Stone)

Dr Stone _ Ukyo

In Dr Pierre, Ukyo Saionji was one of the characters to be revived or depetrified by Tsukasa Shishio. Ukyo was initially part of the Tsukasa Empire, believing that this was the only way to ensure his survival. However, his ever-pacifist nature eventually led him to side with Senku, believing it to be the best move to stop any bloodshed.

Ukyo was a skilled archer but often tried to use his skills to trap or intimidate rather than kill, but if pushed, he would go against his moral of pacifism in the name of survival. Fight in the realms of Heroes of the Shield Against the Waves would bring out Ukyo’s survival instinct, and he probably wouldn’t hesitate to fight the hordes of monsters.

1 Tigrevurmud Vorn would use his gift for good (Lord Marksman & Vanadis)

Tigrevurmud Sniper Lord

Lord Marksman & Vanadis It might not be one of the best known or most revered anime out there, but for those looking for a unique twist on a war series with a talented archer as the protagonist, it definitely ticks those boxes. Tigrevermud Vorn ends up working for the enemy as a prisoner of war, but is still driven by his love for his own people.

Tiger is loved and respected by the masses, and he sends him back to the battlefield with exemplary archery skills, fighting for honor and justice. Anyone who fights tooth and nail for the people is more than worthy of being the hero of the bow.

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