Some people have their baby’s name chosen as soon as they see a positive pregnancy test. Other mothers-to-be fly off into childbirth once they have given birth to their babies. And then there’s the rest of us, who struggle to think of a name (any name) that your child will carry with them for the rest of their life. So if you count the weeks (or, ack, the days) until you give birth during the winter, these 17 Sagittarius boy names can work for your fire sign baby.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: naming a baby is hard work. But if you love astrology and think the signs are representative of our personalities, then it’s not a bad idea to take a look at the sky and see what the stars inspire you to call your baby. And Sagittarius, which runs from November 22 to December 21, is a star sign if there is one. It’s surprisingly a fire sign, along with Leo and Aries, but ironically enough, it’s also a stable sign. The generous and benevolent Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, which makes her a loving, happy and lucky sign. Adventurous and generous, Sag is the kind of half full of glass. They are also very independent, so expect to hear a lot of “I do!” In the future too. His symbol: the archer, a half-human, half-horse centaur.

So aim for these Sagittarius boy names for your fun loving guy.


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When it comes to the Olympic gods, Apollo accomplished a lot. Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was associated with the god of music and dance, healing and disease, speed, truth, prophetic powers, and poetry. But he is also known for something else: being the Greek god of archery. So, if you are looking for a Sagittarius boy name with divine gifts, Apollo is what you need.


Another archery-oriented name, Archer is a male given name of English origin. It means “archer” or “one who excels in archery”. Considering the fact that archery is meant to be in a Sag’s blood, this might inspire your little one to become an archer himself. A competitive sport, archery is quite popular and occupies an important place in the Summer Olympics. To date, the United States has won 15 gold medals in archery, according to


Pronounced “kai -ruhn”, Chiron is an apt name for a baby born in Sagittarius if there is one. Chiron is of Greek origin and means “hand”. But in Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur … but not just any half-human, half-horse. No, Chiron was the ish among the centaurs; in fact, he was known to be the wisest and the fairest. Just like your little guy.


It’s almost impossible to keep your little Sag from straying. Well, that makes sense, since Sagittarius is known for their innate desire to explore. And Doran, an Irish / Gaelic name, means exactly that: ‘wanderer’ or even ‘stranger’. But it just means that your child could visit many countries that will welcome them and no longer call them a stranger.


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Being named after a planet is pretty cool, and especially when it comes to Jupiter. The ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, so there you go. In addition, it is also the third brightest planet, after the Moon and Venus. Jupiter is known to be fair and fiery at times, but fair and caring, like your baby.


Of course, Saint-Laurent might automatically come to mind when you hear the first name Yves, but it could be a great Sagittarius boy name. Why? Well, Yves (pronounced “Eve”), is a French name meaning “bois d’if”. Well, often the bows used in archery are made from (you guessed it) yews. Hey, it’s fancy, it’s Sag, and it’s fabulous.


Looking for a slightly neutral name for your Sagittarius baby? Consider the blue. It represents the color turquoise, which happens to be the birthstone of Sag. But the name Turquoise (although pretty) might be a mouthful when your child starts school. Blue (with or without the E) captures the color associated with that astrological sign without being too complicated to spell.


He might not even be here yet, but you know you want your baby to grow up to be a good person in the future. That’s why Evander sums up all of these positive feelings. It means “strong man”, but it also means “warrior with a bow”. And your kid can also have funny nicknames like Van, Evan or Ean.


If you want an Irish baby name for your fiery Sag, look at Keegan. It means “son of Egan,” which doesn’t say much about his Sagittarius affiliation. The point is, Keegan is also known as “the fiery one” which makes sense since Sagittarius is a fire sign. But with Keegan’s kindness, it will help soften your little firecracker.


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Although Sagittarius is a sign of fire, not all of them are fire and brimstone. In fact, Sag is really a gentle, well-mannered, and friendly sign. That’s why you might want to consider Kurt. While that might sound, uh, anyway, Kurt is actually short for “courteous” and “polite.”


If Sagittarius is anything, it’s a social sign. Beyond that, Sag is also known for his loyalty and tenacity, two very admirable traits. And Saadiq (pronounced “suh-deek”), means “honest” and “trustworthy”.


And if Baby already has an older sibling, surely you’ve come across the name Ryder while your kid is watching Paw Patrol for the billionth time. So be sure to add Ryder to your list of potential baby names. He is of English origin and means “knight” or “mounted warrior”. Or it could be exactly what it sounds like: a cool spelling of the word “rider,” like when your child rides a horse.


Since the centaur plays such an important role in the sign of Sagittarius, it might not surprise you in the future if your baby becomes an avid rider. Think of Colt as a little boy’s name, then. It means ‘young horse’, which is what your little guy is, according to his birth sign.


If you already have a Phillip in the family, they’ll love the fact that Baby is named after them. The point is that the name Phillip, which is of Greek origin, means “horse lover”. Need we say more?


Your baby might only have a few minutes, but you can spot that red hair anywhere. If Baby is a redhead, Roan is definitely the right name. It means “little redhead” and while it could be a representation of your baby’s hair color, it can also be an ode to her fire sign … and her fiery personality.


Sure, your female parts might be on fire during the birth of a baby, but it might just be because you are welcoming a little Sagittarius into the world. If your baby was born with lightning speed, what about Blaze? It means fire, which obviously relates to Sagittarius being a sign of fire. But hey, they don’t call it “the ring of fire” for nothing.


Sometimes a Sagittarius boy’s name doesn’t need to be associated with archery and arrows, stones, or even strength. It may be enough to take inspiration from the season in which your baby was born, which in this case is winter, and name your baby like this: Winter. The great thing about winter is that it means exactly what it is: a special time of year, made even sweeter because it’s when your baby will be born.

There is so much to inspire you when coming up with names for your baby Sagittarius. From their love of life, to their honest nature, to their affinity for all things equestrian, the options are endless.