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Far Cry 6 / Credit to Ubisoft

These are the best arcs in Far Cry 6.

There aren’t as many bow options in Far Cry 6 as there are guns, but the few options in the game always turn out to be strong choices against enemies. There are two common styles of bow, recurve bow and compound bow, each with a unique variation available. There’s also La Clavadora, a resolving weapon that works much like a crossbow. It is excluded from this list, but players should try it out anyway as it is one of the most satisfying weapons in the game to use.

The Compound Bow is the best option for players who want to customize their own bow, as unique weapons cannot be customized on the workbenches. It is slower to fire than the recurve bow, but the additional damage and range is greater than makeup for this fact. The Compound Bow can be unlocked for purchase by upgrading a Guerrilla Garrison to the second level.

The Bullseye is the unique variant of the compound bow. It is not customizable, but the changes that come with it are well thought out and very effective. The Bullseye is equipped with precision arrows, a sight, the supremo high mod and the supremo headshot mod.

El Capirote is the unique variant of the recurve bow in Far Cry 6. It has decent stats and comes with the precision arrows mod, reflex sight and the Beastmaster mod which makes the weapon more effective against animals. The main reason El Capirote is so powerful is that it can be obtained quite early in the game by building a hunting lodge in a guerrilla outpost.

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