5.1 million funds raised to organize an archery competition

5.1 million funds raised to organize an archery competition

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MYAGDI: A fund of Rs. 5.1 million has been created to ensure the continuity of the ‘Toranlha Gold Cup’ archery competition which is held every three years.

The Thakali Service Committee set up the ‘Toranlha Gold Cup Retirement Fund’ by collecting donations from members of the Thakali community at home and abroad. Committee secretary-general Rabin Bhattachan said a fund has been set up to protect the taro (or archery) associated with the identity of the Thakali community.

So far, 10 editions of the tournament have already taken place. Committee chairman Som Prasad Tulachan said it will be easier to increase the amount of prizes and the expenses of running the competition once the fund starts earning interest.

The winners of the competition will receive five tola gold medals, the racing shield and Rs 100,000 in cash prizes. The second, third and consolation will receive Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively, according to the committee.

Meanwhile, the 11th Central Toranlha Gold Cup Interregional Archery Tournament started in Beni, Myagdi from Friday. A total of 126 players from 18 groups from different regions of the country participate in the three-day competition organized by the Beni chapter of Thakali Service Samiti.

Member of the House of Representatives Prem Prasad Tulachan opened the competition. MP Tulachan emphasized the preservation of the language, art, culture and customs of the Thakali community.

The Thakali community, which has its roots in Mustang, considers the game of taro or archery in modern times to be an indigenous tradition. In ancient times, it was customary to play taro for entertainment after planting and cultivating. In the game of taro, a bamboo bow and arrow are used. Arrows are shot at two planks placed about 150 meters apart.

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