Olja begins with the protagonist, Faraday, going on an adventure. He aims to gather materials for his people to grow their civilization. Unfortunately, Faraday and his crew are hit by a terrible storm. He finds himself on a seemingly deserted island inhabited by monsters. It’s an archipelago of other lost ships for players to slowly explore. It won’t be that slow because the game is relatively short.

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This eventually leads Faraday to find a mysterious girl, the titular Olja, with a powerful spear. This is the setup for it Metroidvania-like action platformer. What else should players know before embarking on this new Xbox Game Pass experience? Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of Olja.

6 Get the most out of your spear

Use your spear to warp in Olija

Players won’t find the Mythic Spear until a little way through the campaign. Getting it will change everything. It’s a bit like the ax in God of the war since it can be recalled. The biggest ability to note is its warp functionality. There are eyeballs scattered around the dungeons. If a player throws their spear at them, they can warp up to that point.

Be on the lookout while exploring those eyeballs. Sometimes they can hide in plain sight and are so easy to miss. This is mostly covered in the tutorial. What may not be so clear is that spear can also warp Faraday to enemies. Players should also make sure to get the most out of their spear when exploring and fighting. It’s also important to remember to dodge enemies to negate damage.


5 Don’t forget to farm for materials

Fight a boss in Olija

There are a few main guidelines players should follow in the dungeons of Olja. Defeat the enemies, head to the boss, defeat him, earn a key. This is the base model for each domain. However, it is important that players also keep an eye out for exploitable objects in the environment.

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There are bushes, trees, vines, crates, rocks, etc.. Hitting them can reward Faraday with crafting materials. Some of these things require the spear while others require Faraday’s trusty sword. These environmental things may seem like untouchable room levels. That’s why players need to be diligent about hitting everything just to be safe. They will never know if a secret is staring them in the face or not until they try.

4 Go back and rectify if you have any issues

Talk to an NPC in Olija

There are no difficulty options in Olja. There aren’t even any assist features to help players. This may be a little vexing to some, but Olja is fairly well balanced. If players find themselves dying on a level or boss multiple times, it’s okay to abandon the current mission. Return to the central town, Oaktide.

Use silver to increase health via healer. If players run out of money, they can return to other islands to get crafting materials and more money. It’s as simple as that even if it takes more time.

3 Beware of traps

Explore the world from Olija

Monsters in dungeons aren’t the only thing players should worry about. There are also traps, more specifically of two types:

  1. Trip wires: Hitting them will usually trigger arrows to shoot players.
  2. Explosive Crates: These are marked with flammable warning signs. Players can miss this tag on occasion and get blown up.

Crates are useful once Faraday acquires more weapons like the Pistol or Crossbow. Triggering an explosion to take out multiple enemies is a satisfying feeling. Except when players are caught in the explosion. It’s the opposite of cool.

2 Don’t waste money on boat trips

Talk to an NPC in Olija

There aren’t many things players can use their hard-earned currency on. The best thing to invest in is the aforementioned health upgrades. Healing is almost non-existent outside of resting areas in dungeons or crates filled with healing crystals. These healing opportunities are rare, however.

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Players can also use cash to purchase hats. Crafting materials are also required to craft them. As it is, most hat prices are thankfully low. Another first thing players can invest money in is a sailor at the docks. If players give him money, he will walk away with the promise of bringing back crafting materials. Most materials can be easily acquired from dungeons instead, so there’s no need to bother with the sailor.

1 The best hats

Olija's millinery

There are not many hats that players can craft in the game. The best in Olja is made of a crocodile. The hat looks odd, fitting over Faraday like a backwards baseball cap. Most of the hats look weird on the Explorer as they clash with its simplistic black design. That’s okay since most other models of Olja pretty like a retro-inspired indie game.

Other than that, this hat will sometimes steal health from enemies. As we said earlier, there are not many opportunities to heal in Olja. This is why players must capitalize on every opportunity. Before buying other hats, be sure to invest in this crocodile first.

Olja is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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