Tuesday night, Elias Pettersson predictably rewritten on Canucks history books.

After registering assistance on Markus GranlundPettersson’s goal rose to No. 1 on the Canucks all-time rookie list in points by passing Pavel Bure and Ivan Hlinka.

While Bure and Pettersson are completely different players, most would likely call Dekey Pete the best rookie in team history. His vision on the ice and his skills with the puck are second to none, and his scoring pace quickly left him in elite company with Alex Ovechkin, Sidney crosby and Evgeni malkin.

With ten games to go in the season, there are other Pettersson numbers that deserve attention. Here’s a look at seven other stats that showcase Pettersson’s rookie talent.

2.75 points per 60: Most among rookies with more than 150 minutes played evenly. This is the highest score among rookies over the past three seasons, with the exception of 2017-18 when Tampa Bay Antoine Cirelli has posted 2.88 points per 60 games in just 18 regular season games.

44: Number of even strength points that Elias Pettersson has. The franchise record was set by Ivan Hlinka when he scored 49 tied points as a 32-year-old rookie in 1981-82.

Only six rookies have exceeded 50 points evenly in the past 20 years: Brand Pierre (50), Patrik Laine (50), Alex Ovechkin (51), Artemi Panarin (53), Sidney crosby (53) and Matthieu barzal (58).

Of them: The number of five-point games Pettersson has in his young career. He is the only Canucks rookie to have a five-point game under his belt. 14 different Canucks rookies played in a four-point game, though Brock Boeser is the only one of those rookies with two of those games.

Seven: The number of winning goals for Elias Pettersson as a rookie. It’s already a franchise record.

The NHL record for winning goals by a rookie is nine, held by Marek Svatos (2005-06) & Steve Larmer (1982-83). Five other players have eight match winners as rookies: Howie Meeker (1946-47), Dick Gamble (1951-52), Joe Nieuwendyk (1985-86), Logan Couture (2010-11) and Auston matthews (2016-17).

28: The number of penalties taken by Elias Pettersson. This is the highest score in the NHL by a rookie over the past three seasons. With Pettersson having taken just four penalties so far this season, his +24 penalty differential is also the league’s best among rookies.

Only Nathan MacKinnon (30) and Johnny Gaudreau (29) have shot more penalties this season. Alexander Barkov is tied with Pettersson in penalties and is the only player with a better penalty differential at +25.

21.3: This is Pettersson’s shooting percentage, which is the all-time best among Canucks rookies who have more than 50 shots in their freshman campaign. As of now, he narrowly beats Dixon Ward who shot 19.4% on 111 shots as a rookie in 1992.

Pettersson’s shooting percentage is currently 7th among rookies in the past 20 years, for players who have taken more than 50 shots. native of North Vancouver Alexandre kerfoot holds that record, having shot 23.4% on 81 shots as a rookie last year.

18:26: It’s Pettersson’s average ice time for the Canucks this season. This is the highest rookie average in team history since the NHL began tracking ice time in 1997-98. Only four defensemen exceeded that average as a rookie for the Canucks: Ben hutton, Troy stecher, Alex Edler and Mattias Ohlund.

Are there any under-discussed Pettersson statistics that require special attention? Let us know in the comments. Come all the NM faithful!

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