Skyrim has been around for over a decade now, and the various cosplays of the game’s popular characters never cease to amaze us.

Skyrim has one of the most active communities out there, which includes people who create mods, design artwork, and do a plethora of other things around the game. Although you may have seen several Skyrim cosplays throughout the year, this Aela cosplay is a worthy rival to be one of the best ever.

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Aela The Huntress, is a Norse werewolf who is also part of the Campanions, the warrior guild of Skyrim who reside in Jorrvaskr, the oldest building in Whiterun. Besides offering lycanthropy, Aela also helps players with their archery skills as she is an expert level archery trainer. She is also a possible candidate for marriage and, in fact, she is by far one of the most preferred choices in the community.

The Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

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The Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer





Aela Cosplay from Skyrim Brings the Norse Werewolf to Life

Taking inspiration from the Norse werewolf, u/kaolinitedreams absolutely nails Aela’s cosplay, crafting her entire outfit and appearance with sheer elegance. They added in their post that their obsession with Aela made them take on this challenge of cosplaying her, and the end result is definitely a testament to her love for the character.

The community has been in awe of the cosplay, with one of the top comments on Reddit stating that she is the best person to cosplay Aela. As other players have noted, the cosplayer has surprisingly similar attributes to Aela, and that’s what makes him even better. The meticulous cosplay is further enhanced with the jungle backdrop, which is a very fitting theme for the Huntress.

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You can find out more about Beth Hodgson aka Kaolinitedreams, on Instagram.

Until another adventurous soul shows up, this might be the best Aela cosplay we’ve seen so far. It would be interesting to see if other players take inspiration from this cosplay and take it even further.