Season 16 of “America’s Got Talent” continues on July 6 with the final audition episode featuring the best (and worst) of the first leg of the competition. In this phase of “AGT”, an act needs at least three of the four judges (Simon cowell, Heidi klum, Howie mandel and Sofia vergara ) to give them a “yes” to move on to the next round. If two or more judges sound the act, he is immediately eliminated. Each judge, as well as the host Terry crews, has a chance to hit the “golden buzzer” and send an act straight to the live performances.

Last week, Heidi made her pick for the quick-change artist Lea Kyle, the first of this discipline to receive the golden buzzer. Lea impressed Heidi and the rest of the judges by showing them aspects of the art they had never seen before and doing it so seamlessly.

The week before, Sofia played a dirty trick on Jimmie herrod by refusing to give the ovation with the other judges after his interpretation of “Tomorrow” on fire. But after teasing that she didn’t “like” her performance, she admitted that she “loved” her and gave it her golden buzzer.

Prior to that, Terry demonstrated his support for World Taekwondo by throwing them its golden buzzer after their exciting showcase of the form of martial art. The large group were supposed to perform at the 2020 Summer Olympics, so Terry’s decision to send them to live shows was a bittersweet gold medal moment.

Previously, Simon sent songbird Night Bird straight to concerts after performing an original song tonight called “It’s Okay”, with lyrics about the last year of her life. In the song, she offered support to herself and others struggling with cancer, which comes from within.

Howie was inspired to hit his golden buzzer in the Season 16 premiere by the performance of the Northwell Nursing Choir, a group of 18 nurses from New York who worked on the front lines during the pandemic. As a choir, their mission is to “draw a little joy and love” to help people “find their resilience”. For their audition, they sang a mix of “Lean on Me” and “Stand by Me” which included elements of vocals, beat-boxing and light rap.

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The format is the same this year as it was last year, with “America’s Got Talent” initially airing only on Tuesdays with those first six weeks dedicated to auditions taking place across the country. Then there will be four weeks of Judge Cuts starting in July, followed by the series of live shows and episodes of results.

Below, follow the recap of all the action from “America’s Got Talent” Season 16 Episode 6 in our minute-by-minute blog.

8:03 p.m. – The first act of the night was Whirlpool act, a 30-year-old boy at the time of his hearing. In the whirl, he used three different sticks, often juggling them with high throws in the air and cart wheels to catch them. All the judges defended him at the end, Heidi most impressed with the quick change he made in the middle of the performance and encouraged him to develop his already strong art form. Simon called the hearing “superb” and complimented his upbeat personality. Four “yes” votes meant he would have the opportunity to take on Heidi in her challenge in the next round.

8:11 p.m. – Bring original song using hateful comments from her YouTube account as lyrics, singer Madilyn Bailey gave the judges another reason to applaud. Howie and Simon both recognized Madilyn’s natural talent for singing and songwriting. Heidi said she was “torn” and not jumping out of her seat, but Sofia responded by providing something that was a 180 of the way she presented herself. Heidi seemed ready to say “no”, but Howie defended Madilyn and convinced Heidi to join the other three for a consecutive row of “yes” votes.

8:21 p.m.Chapkidz, a dance group of 30 young people aged 12 to 18, was next with their chance to improve the results of Chapkis Dancing Family, their inspiration band who appeared on the live shows of season 10. During their audition, Howie and Heidi already commented on how “really good” the band is. Sofia liked that they seemed to be having a good time and said there were so many different places to look in the group. Howie mentioned that they played like they were already in the semifinals and Simon called them one of the best dance numbers of the season. Easily, the group got a “yes” vote from all four judges.

8:32 p.m. – Interpreter from Brooklyn Darrell thorne took the stage for a creative lip-syncing of Elton John’s song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” but once Simon realized he wasn’t actually singing, he hit his X. audition, Darrell used mirrored headphones to create the illusion of a half-drag queen man. Heidi thought it was “cool and different” and so her “yes” when combined with one from Sofia and another from Howie meant that Simon was being rejected this time.

8:34 p.m. – Skinny artist Joshua Jacobs turned tricks with his slinky to earn three “yes” votes, followed by Roy and Judith who as older dancers improved over the guys by getting four votes for themselves. Following, Donovan shocked the judges with a “unique” and “beautiful” Broadway-ready voice that Simon thought someone might notice and find a role for. With strong support due to the surprise factor, all of the judges voted for Donovan to sing again in the next round.

8:43 p.m. – Wear a superhero costume, The stunning performed light acrobatics and breakdancing as if he was fighting in a comedic action movie, but Simon and Howie called him “appalling” and “unoriginal” meaning that with a 2- vote 2, it would not move forward. It was followed by Alex Ostrovski who played horns on Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” while rolling and wearing angel wings. The surprise of the hearing was that he had built motors on the horns that allowed them to fly in circles around him. It wasn’t enough to stop Sofia and Heidi from pressing their X buttons, who both decided that the trumpet playing wasn’t good enough and that it wasn’t the kind of act they were doing. would need to review.

8:54 p.m. – Retired teacher Matt mauser lost his wife in the same helicopter crash that left Kobe bryantof his life and so he came to AGT for the opportunity to support his family while pursuing his dream of becoming a career singer. His version of “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” was a heartfelt tribute to his wife who made the judges and him feel all the emotions at the end. Howie pointed out that no matter what someone does on stage, being able to move the audience is a powerful thing. Sofia and Heidi called it a special moment and thanked him for coming to the show. Asked by Simon what he hopes to get out of the show, Matt said he wants his kids to see that grief doesn’t define them as family and helps them pursue their own dreams. Overall, it was an obvious choice for each of the judges to vote him for the next round.

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9:08 p.m. – Actor Chief told the judges that his hearing was the first time he had happened, much to their surprise. Because he was wearing a Halloween mask and a red hoodie, the jokes weren’t hitting much due to the muffled sound. Sofia, Heidi, and Simon all pressed their X buttons, Howie later following them to see Chief offstage still mumbling. Fortunately he was followed by a clear voice Cam Bertrand who has 8 years of comedy to his credit. Despite being 27 years old, Cam’s set revolved around how often he is mistaken for a much younger person, including a story about a clerk refusing a wine sale without asking questions. Sofia noted that Heidi was screaming with laughter throughout filming, but Howie considered the one-note material and advised her to diversify the subject next time. Simon liked that Cam works hard at his craft and predicted that the audience will be fans of him as well, which we’ll see in the next round as the judges sent him in.

9:21 p.m. – Before her performance, a young Carver Breeze explained that dancing helped her overcome her shyness and gain self-confidence. In his contemporary dance at Kelly clarkson“Piece by Piece” by, Breez showed the strength and composure of a more experienced dancer. Sofia called it “perfection” and told her she was meant to be a dancer. Heidi said the hearing gave her chills, Howie predicted she would do very well in the competition, and Simon mentioned the “glow” about her and led the panel in what became four consecutive votes. for the “yes” on the next round.

9:31 p.m. – Promising strength, grace and uniqueness in their act, Vertical flow used pole dancing in an elegant way which encouraged the judges to send them to the next round. MJ followed by earning its own way to the next round with a multi-hoop spinning number. Fatal Woman also got ‘yes’ votes with their popping dance number that broke gender barriers and showed Sofia something she hadn’t seen enough.

9:32 p.m. – Mother and daughter Gigi Deluxe & Devon auditioned with their act of danger where Devon would be the “human target” for sniper Gigi. After piercing three balloons of decreasing size held by Devon in her mouth, Gigi performed the last lap of tracing Devon’s body on a board with arrows. The parent-child dynamic certainly added an increased level of risk to an act we’ve seen before, but that was enough to motivate the judges to send them to the next round, with only Howie giving them a ‘no’ vote and Simon urging them to put more production value into their next routine.

9:43 p.m.Guapacharros came to the show as dancers and singers determined to show the world their dedication and provide a better life for their families. For their audition, they mixed different types of music while also incorporating traditional Mexican dances and songs as well as a stripper routine when they ripped their shirts off. Sofia and Heidi immediately said they were voting “yes” and Simon said he really enjoyed the live vocals at the start. Howie was more reserved, calling him “good” and joining the others in voting “yes”.

21:51 – The final audition came from an enthusiastic 9-year-old singer Victory brinker who said if she wins the million dollars she will buy Simon a rainbow shirt with sequins on it because he needs color in his clothes. While there have been a lot of young singers on the show before, Victory’s surprise was her perfect opera voice. Howie called her voice “angelic”, Heidi said it was “amazing” and Sofia said it was “powerful”. After declaring that she was brave to come to the show, Simon asked Terry to come to the jury, offering to do something different for this audition. Simon warned Victory that they wouldn’t give him a “yes” because instead, they would all hit the Golden Buzzer as a group together to send it straight to the shows as a specially chosen sixth act.

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