YANKTON, SD (KTIV) – The Archery World Cup, World Championships and World Congress are all taking place this week in Yankton, South Dakota, and competitors from around the world are in town for go for gold.

Over 80 countries are represented at the event, which takes place at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center. This is the first time that all three events have all taken place in the same place at the same time.

The event is huge for the economy not only of Yankton but of Siouxland as a whole, with many competitors moving through Sioux City on their way to Yankton. But there are also some things that most people don’t think about when talking about the economic impact of the event.

“The economic impact is exponential when you start talking about the normal things you think of when you think of these types of tournaments, like hotels, restaurants and catering, but then you start to think about all the rental things that we had to outsource everything from staging and lighting to bus rental, ”said Kasi Haberman, marketing director for the NFAA.

With an event of this magnitude, it begs the question of why Yankton, South Dakota?

“Yankton now has the largest archery center in the world, which in layman’s terms is the biggest venue when it comes to indoor and outdoor disciplines. So we have everything you need number one, number two, we have a great relationship with the archery world, we’ve already had several tournaments here, never a big one like this, but it’s just a record. ” said Bruce Cull, president of the NFAA

The events will conclude with Archery Fest this weekend at Riverside Park in Yankton, South Dakota.

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