Each new Ark Survival Evolved expansion brings with it a bunch of new dinosaurs for players to hunt and tame. The same goes for the latest Fjordur update, bringing with it several new creatures such as the Andrewsarchus. This prehistoric boar can be found in a variety of locations where our Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus location guide comes in and will help you find and tame it.

Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus location

Don’t let its fur fool you, the Andrewsarchus can be transformed into a mini armored tank, which can carry a powerful minigun on its back that can mow down almost anything in its path.

Andrewsarchus can only be found on an island southwest of the Fjord region. If you have a GPS, the coordinates for the island are 60.0 and 25.2.

How to tame Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur

We have listed all the optional and necessary items to tame an Andrewsarchus.

  • Honey (necessary)
  • Ghillie armor (optional)
  • Crossbow (optional)

To tame an Andrewsarchus, you will need to feed it honey. You can get honey from a standard bee hive, or you can grow honey nodes in the area you are about to tame them. You will need a pickaxe to harvest the honey node. The honey you’ve harvested will break down over time, so don’t get hung up on it. Just harvest 25-30 and start the taming process.

Ghillie Armor and Crossbow are not essential items. Ghillie Armor reduces vision range by approximately 50% so the Andrewsarchus won’t be easily spooked when you get close. The crossbow is like a grappling hook in the game. It will help you climb if Andrewsarchus tries to chase you. This should break his line of sight and return to normal.

Now, to really begin the taming process, you’ll need to isolate the beast from obstacles and other animals in its environment. Debris and other animals tend to mess up the taming process, which could end up resetting the taming process.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll throw the honey you harvested earlier, near the Andrewsarchus. When the beast approaches the honey and begins to eat it, dash to either side and mount it to begin the taming process.

When you start the taming process, two arrow icons will appear on your screen. When one of the arrows is green, hold it down with the movement keys (A and D) until it turns red. Keep repeating the process until you’ve tamed the beast. The effectiveness of taming gradually decreases over time, so you may need to start over if the effectiveness drops to zero.

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