Firewatch is one of the few characters in this game that lets you skip (boring) game mechanics or skip a big wave. It’s amazing to be deployed blindly and realize moments later that “oh, this is not a safe place”, to be intentionally deployed to a dangerous location with / without a little support, just to avoid putting more pressure on your medics or allies, or to sustain and wipe / weaken a particular dangerous wave. She’s also amazing in the IS game mode because of it (there’s no real reason for me to mention it here but IS # 2 HYPE!).

S1 is a great skill that is often overshadowed by its S2 (funny I said the opposite for Meteorite). Like I said, it can help you ignore enemy mechanics, keep FW alive where most of the others would have collapsed, and allow you to cover much of the battlefield. This is also the skill I recommend investing in first.

S2 is a great skill too, but it’s often overshadowed by its own community-made meme (of which I’m also guilty). It really does require proper timing and / or setup, so sometimes it seems more complicated than it’s worth. M1 is sufficient for the 3rd bombs, but M3 is also good for moar damage, as well as gain good helidrop potential. I would suggest looking at this skill beyond the ‘tactical nuclear’ meme, then it will be more versatile than you might think.

FW is primarily a Support Operator, in the sense that nothing that she can do on its own can take a step forward, but her kit will take a great deal of pressure off you or her team. Whether she can afford to ignore the mechanics, or take out / weaken a large group of enemies or a few obscene guys, she will only provide help rather than directly solving the problem. I said all of that, but she can easily play solo with FakeNova in IS # 1 hard mode (IS # 2 HYPE!).

Other Deadeye Snipers focus on long range and / or damage, but with restrictive conditions. The main restrictions on FW are mainly his own Trait cost and SP (for S2), which are also the standard restrictions for other Deadeyes.

While having less overall damage than the others (except Ambriel), it’s almost guaranteed. It will go uninterrupted for a long time to inflict its damage, unless it is a very specific danger; or she can empty her entire damage charge very quickly and finish. She’s also the only one of them to have a true AoE attack, which removes the unpredictable fire weakness from her trait. I could tell you more about my overall ranking of the 4 when Fartooth came out and I can test it. But for now, with its flexibility, I’ll rate FW better than Fartooth (for now at least). I wasn’t lying when I said it was mostly Invisibility that carried Firewatch. This mechanic is so good that new units can only get a lower version of it, called Camouflage, where they cannot be targeted but can still be hit by AoE (which should have been the norm). Its nukes are also excellent under the right conditions (although I guess that goes for almost everything).

Check out this 3 Snipers clear 5-10 featuring incredible use of FW’s invisibility and Archetto’s shield (which I stole wheezing).

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