Following his curation for “Good Pictures” in the New York galleries of Jeffrey Deitch, New York artist Austin lee returns with a new collaboration with Case Studyo. The partnership includes a series of neon-colored seating items called STRAIN. The sculptural furniture was made from reinforced fiberglass and fitted with soft foam trays covered with rubber. Each measures 70 by 50 by 36 centimeters and comes in yellow, red and blue editions of 10 with four artist proofs per color.

“New York artist Austin Lee inhabits a surprisingly tangible digital dream world. In his work, paintings and sculptures present an experience from another world. For Lee, there are very few boundaries, either between the real and imaginary world or the digital and physical world, ”Case Studyo said in a statement. “For his collaboration with Case Studyo, the artist offers his interpretation of the most basic of seating objects: the stump. Lee’s “Stump” is an indefinable object, both in form and in function; playful and simple but deliberate and complex. A real topic of conversation, publishing is an example of a new way of designing objects that can be used with virtual reality.

Check STRAIN above editions and go to Case Studyo website to learn more about how to acquire one.

Elsewhere in art, Banksy unveiled new public street art unofficially called Aahoo !! in Bristol, England.

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