The Yuyan Archers were among the greatest Nobenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Avatar Legends finally explains their story.

Avatar: The Last Airbender had a knack for introducing characters with mysterious origins. One of the more mysterious was the Yuyan Archers, seen as a one-time group in the original series and rarely discussed in the franchise since then. Corn Avatar Legends: the role-playing game finally explained the origins of elite archers. Magpie Games’ Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) recently released a core book filled to the brim with Avatar lore that fleshed out much of the universe, including the history of this fan-favorite band.

The Yuyan Archers first appeared in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode “The Blue Spirit”. They had to be able to pin a fly to a tree a hundred yards away without killing it – a unique skill similar to how Tonraq put his own mark on waterbending. Although the Fire Nation’s elite archers primarily defended Pohuai Fortress at the time, Admiral Zhao’s promotion gave him the power to recruit their aid to apprehend the Avatar. And while almost everyone struggled to corner Aang, the Yuyan did it quickly and efficiently with a barrage of arrows that pinned him in place. It wasn’t until Zuko intervened that Aang escaped.

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But when the Fire Nation needed the Yuyans the most, they disappeared – at least they disappeared from the show after presumably resuming their position in Pohuai. Throughout the rest of the show and the sequel The Legend of Korra the Yuyan were rarely seen again, appearing mostly through their rogue member Vachir, whose service with the Rough Rhinos proved elite archers to be far less effective when lacking the strength of their numbers .

But now, with the release of avatar captions, fans learn about the origins of the murderous group, following in the footsteps of their founder Uzuku Yuyan. Dwelling in the Roku era over a hundred years before the original series, Uzuku Yuyan was considered a legendary shooter. Her talents were so precise and singular that she perfected archery into an art form that preached harmony between an archer and his arrow. Hawkeye was reportedly impressed before becoming the leader of the Thunderbolts.

After the coronation of Fire Lord Sozin, Yuyan was pressured to pass on his skills to others despite his reluctance to use his art form for violent purposes. Yet, that seems to be exactly the end of his skill set, as the Yuyan were fiercely loyal Fire Nation subjects who turned to the will of the crown shortly after his death, committing attacks that mirrored events of the real world. What exactly happened to Yuyan, or how well she managed to preserve the integrity of her ship before it was corrupted, is the newest mystery revolving around Avatar’s fiercest task force and perhaps avatar captions will answer one day.

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Considering the efficiency of the Yuyan Archers, it has always been surprising that the Avatar the franchise no longer included them. It’s likely that their order won’t be particularly expensive considering the limited and precious amount of a resource they need, but if they’re ever called back into action, fans will cheer for their return.

Knowing more than ever about them is not enough. Uzuku Yuyan is perhaps one of the most exciting additions to the franchise in recent memory, so now that audiences understand how she founded this intriguing group of fighters, hopefully there will be future chances to expand his character or learn more about how the Archers have become. what they are today.

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