Fans will always debate which hero is better, Justice League or Avengers, but when it comes to two similar characters, there’s one definitive answer.

It’s no secret that some members of the Justice League have similarities with the members of the avengers, and that leaves a lot of room for debate among fans. Is Flash faster than Quicksilver? Is Bruce Wayne richer than Tony Stark? But two of the most compared characters are Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and JLA/Avengers #3 gives a blunt answer to the question of who is the best.

Both Oliver Queen and Clint Barton are heroes who lack superpowers, but still manage to stand up to heavy hitters through a combination of combat skill, quick wits, and the occasional trick arrow. Green Arrow is a wealthy kid who honed his skills while marooned on an island, while Hawkeye is a former circus performer and villain who reformed to join the Avengers. In the Justice League of America and Avengers crossover, the Marvel and DC universes are changed so that the teams have always existed in the same reality.


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JLA/Avengers #3, by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, ends fan debate like a knockout of a boxing glove arrow, as Black Canary – the longtime love of Oliver Queen’s life – prefers the vengeful Archer to the emerald. Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the most iconic couples in any DC continuity, but this comic confirms that in a reality where Clint Barton is pictured, Dinah Lance’s mighty hero would prefer him over his regular DC lover. For fans wondering if Green Arrow or Hawkeye is the superior archer hero, this is a knock on Oliver Queen.

avengers vs justice league green arrow vs hawkeye

During the crossover, Hawkeye leaves Marvel land to join the Justice League, and quickly surpasses his DC counterpart in both usefulness and Black Canary’s affections, much to Green Arrow’s jealousy. Clint and Ollie spend all of their time together bickering, and the comic takes every opportunity to portray their archery skills as functionally identical, with the two engaging in several low-key contests in the background of the movie. adventure.

However, as someone who loves and respects Green Arrow more than anyone in the world, Black Canary choosing Hawkeye is a recommendation that seems to suggest she considers him the better man. It may also be a nod to the fact that while Ollie has a long history of social activism, he tends to reserve his worst behavior for those who love him, frequently betraying or abandoning them on the plane. personal.

The Justice League and Avengers crossover event includes a fun reimagining of the DC and Marvel universes, but with it comes a cruel reveal for fans. Green Arrow and Hawkeye may have a quiver of arrows, but only one of them can be the best man. Black Canary’s preference for Clint is as close to a definitive answer as this classic avengers versus Justice League face-to-face is always likely to get.

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