As a freshman of Congress, Katie Porter of California has already made a name for herself with her incredible questioning skills. A number of it questions from congressional hearings have gone viral, and for good reason. As well as being obviously brilliant, she clearly cares about her constituents and refuses to back away from difficult conversations.

Over the weekend she brought all of these qualities to Real time with Bill Maher talk, among other things, about abortion. Maher brought up the subject of Joe Biden’s recently reversed support for the Hyde Amendment and asked Porter to explain what it was.

“The Hyde Amendment was a law passed in 1976 when I was 2 years old and has not been amended since, which prohibits the use of federal funds to provide women with reproductive health care such as abortions.” , she said.

Maher speculated that Biden didn’t really care about abolishing the Hyde Amendment as much as he cared about getting the 2020 Democratic nomination (hey look, I agree with Bill Maher on something !), And wondered if he would alienate the centrist Democrats with this new stance.

Porter was not interested in talking about these political calculations, however. “It’s just a question of right and wrong,” she said. “I’m the only person sitting at this table who’s ever had to deal with these kinds of health decisions, and Joe Biden is just trying to make a political decision here, and still fails to recognize that he is. This is a personal decision. (She also noted that even when he spoke about the matter, he couldn’t seem to bring himself to say the word abortion.) “Women cannot have social and economic equality without the right to control their bodies, without bodily autonomy, period, period, ”she says.

As Porter said, she was the only person on the show’s panel who had to make these kinds of personal health decisions, but that didn’t stop Maher from trying to focus the conversation on himself- even. He told Porter that he was pro-choice, but that he was “spongy” on the abortion issue because his mother had learned after having a very difficult pregnancy with her sister, that she should not. not have another child. So he “could have been on the cutting room floor,” as he put it.

Maher’s argument is ludicrous because what he describes is what this situation should look like: A woman and her doctor had a private conversation about her health and reproductive options, and then this woman was able to make the decision with which to she felt the most at ease. Inserting government legislation in this scenario would not have helped anyone. That’s what Porter told Maher, while doing an absolutely brutal and hilarious dig at his expense.

“Look, your mother made her choice,” Porter said, adding with perfect timing, “and we’re all here with the consequences of that choice.

Maher – who, according to IMDB, had two female writers with three episodes between them over the show’s 17 seasons – didn’t react well to becoming so completely possessed on her own show. He stood up and leaned over the desk, addressing the audience directly. “First of all fuck you, you can go watch another show,” he told them, sounding like someone trying to sound like a joke when they sure are. not. “We have a lot of them here if I don’t do it for you.”

“I’m not disputing what you claim I stand for, all of you on this panel, and you assholes who applauded that,” insisted Maher, who is Peak Defensiveness – playing devil’s advocate and pouting when your argument becomes Shredded. He wasn’t ready for Rep. Katie Porter, and that was a huge mistake on his part.

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