Chainsaw Man took the world by storm when he ran Weekly Shonen Jump, and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of the anime adaptation. Its all-out violence and non-stop action stood out from the usual shonen series normally shown in the magazine.

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The plot of Chainsaw Man usually revolves around devils, supernatural beasts that are more powerful based on the fear humans have of them. Demons can contract with humans to lend them their powers, possess corpses to become demons, or merge with living humans to become hybrids. Whether it’s Devil, Fiend or Hybrid, here are the most powerful Devils in the Chainsaw Man series.


ten bomb devil

The Bomb Devil’s initial appearance is in his hybrid form, as part of his body is fused with a young woman named Reze. As a woman trained by the USSR since childhood, Reze is single-handedly a powerful fighter capable of taking down any human opponent.

In his hybrid form, Reze can rip off pieces of his skin in order to create explosions and turn his limbs into torpedoes. She can also create decoys that can explode on their own, making her a tough opponent to catch.

9 cursed devil

The Curse Devil is one of several Devils who have contracts with the Devil Hunters, although he also has contracts outside of it. Although he usually hides in the dark, when he manifests, the cursed devil appears as a massive two-headed skeleton.

The Curse Devil’s ability is rather complicated, as the contractor has to stab the target multiple times. Once the required number of hits has been reached, the cursed devil will appear and mortally wound the target by biting the target’s neck with its head.

8 devil of eternity

The Eternity Devil is one of the first major demons Denji encounters as a Devil Hunter for public safety. He appears as a convulsive mass of flesh and body parts, with multiple mouths appearing all over his body.

The main power of the Eternity Devil is the ability to seal off a certain portion of space, trapping anyone who is inside. Time is stopped in this space and the Eternity Devil can create an avatar to interact with and kill those stuck inside his space. Although he’s not the most powerful devil, his ability can be quite troublesome.

seven hell devil

The Hell Devil is a devil who only has a few appearances in the Chainsaw Man manga. It has several forms; his true form is that of a flaming centaur with a mostly featureless head.

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Its second form manifests when someone activates its ability. The Hell Devil manifests as a giant six-fingered hand that takes targets to hell. That alone is terrifying, as being in Hell means existing in the same place as many of the most powerful demons in existence. Although the devil himself is not very powerful, he has a truly terrifying ability.

6 Devil with crossbow

The crossbow devil exists in Chainsaw Man as another hybrid, merged with the legendary Devil Hunter Quanxi. Quanxi alone is incredibly powerful, being a master swordsman with incredible martial arts skills.

In her hybrid form, Quanxi grows a crossbow on her forearms, which can be used to fire an innumerable amount of arrows at once. Although the ability itself is not very strong, when combined with Quanxi’s incredible skills and abilities, it is unstoppable. Quanxi is easily one of the strongest characters in Chainsaw Manand one of Denji’s most intimidating adversaries.

5 doll devil

Although he does not appear in the series at all, the doll devil is one of the most terrifying devils in Chainsaw Man. Its main contractor is Santa Claus, who has used Doll Devil’s power to create many dolls around the world.

The dolls are controlled by Santa and can turn other humans into dolls just by touch. Santa Claus can even create perfect dolls that can make contracts with the Devil for him and transfer his spirit into any doll he has already made. Only hybrids and demons can resist his ability to create dolls, but the Doll Devil’s power still remains horrifying.

4 gun devil

The Gun Devil exists as one of the largest devils known to man. Based primarily on the fear of guns, the Gun Devil struck fear into the hearts of people around the world by killing over a million people in just five minutes.

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The Gun Devil’s powers allow him to target any living thing within a certain range with pinpoint accuracy, allowing him to level populations in moments. Even as a Fiend, the Gun Devil remains extremely powerful, though not as effective in human form.

3 control devil

The control devil, also known as Makima, a high-ranking member of public security, is one of the most powerful devils in existence. Unlike most demons, Makima appears human, though she is neither a demoness nor a hybrid.

Makima’s powers allow her to control others she deems inferior to herself. This ability extends to other demons, and she can use their powers by connecting them to her through chains. She is also able to control unseen forces to crush or outright destroy people just by looking at them or pointing her finger at them.

2 devil of darkness

The devil of darkness is a primal devil, those who embody naturally ingrained fears in the human psyche. As a representation of the fear of darkness, the Dark Devil is incomparably powerful, so much so that even Makima cannot defeat him.

The Dark Devil possesses extreme speed and strength, as he is able to dismember and kill multiple people in an instant. True to his namesake, he is able to summon darkness to envelop an area, and his gaze can cause any being to hemorrhage blood.

1 chainsaw devil

Initially Denji’s pet and friend, Pochita is revealed to be a weakened version of the Chainsaw Devil, one of the most powerful devils in existence. Although he is no match for the power of more terrifying devils like the Devil of Darkness, the Chainsaw Devil has a unique power: the devils he kills can never be reincarnated and are forgotten forever.

This power made the Chainsaw Devil the target of many demons fearing for their lives, but he managed to survive, eventually encountering and merging with Denji. Denji now lives on as a hybrid form of the chainsaw devil and the protagonist of Chainsaw Man.

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