Chivalry 2 is upon us, and so it is time to wage war on behalf of the Order of Masons or Agatha Knights. But far more important than which side you choose is the class and subclass, which together determine your character’s stats, gear, and abilities.

Discover the best chivalry class 2 below, where we’ll walk you through the different class stats and the strengths and weaknesses of each class and subclass in the game.

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Best Knighthood Class 2

Chivalry 2 features a class system that has many similarities to its predecessor, Chivalry 1. But in Chivalry 2 there are also 3 subclasses per class, which adds a lot more variety to the battlefield by introducing new abilities. , objects and weapons.

In my opinion, the best class in Chivalry 2 is the Knight. The knight’s high health pool allows you to take more hits, which is important in 1v1 and 1vX scenarios; and you also have access to a range of powerful weapons with each subclass, allowing you to deal much more damage than you will take.

We’ll go over the Knight and the other classes in more detail below. You can also find our breakdowns of each subclass in the sections below.

Note: To learn how to fight like a pro and win 1v1 and 1vX fights, be sure to check out our Chivalry 2 fighting tips page!

Chivalry 2 class statistics

Here are the stats of the different classes in Chivalry 2:

Maximum health Movement speed Endurance
Archer 90 100 50
Avant-garde 130 120 100
Footman 150 100 80
knight 175 80 80

Your stats will stay the same regardless of which subclass you choose. All that changes with the subclass is your starting gear and abilities.


The Archer is the only dedicated ranged class in Chivalry 2, and there can only be a certain number of Archers on each team, to avoid Arrow spam. The Archer’s strength obviously lies in his ability to deal damage from a distance without exposing himself.

But archers need to be both quick and precise to stay alive and efficient, and they also need to learn to fight better-armed players with their secondary melee weapons if an enemy gets too close, otherwise you’ll just end up feeding. the other. team. Archers have the lowest health and stamina of any class, and movement speed comparable to that of an infantryman.

Archers are absolutely necessary in a team, as they can easily turn the tide of battle by safely interrupting individual 1v1 fights and helping your team build momentum. This is a high skill class; a bad archer is really an obstacle, but a great archer can seem almost impossible to beat.

Archers subclasses:

  • Crossbowman: an archer who uses a longbow and can place spike traps and braziers to light arrows. The longbow is a relatively fast archery weapon, but it drains stamina and loses accuracy the more you aim with it.
  • Crossbowman (my favorite): An archer who uses a crossbow and can place stationary Pavise shields for cover, and banners that heal nearby allies over time. The crossbow deals heavy bludgeoning damage (excellent against knights and infantry) but is slow to reload, and you must stand still while reloading, leaving you vulnerable.
  • Tirailleur: A hybrid archery / melee subclass that uses javelins or throwing axes, either of which can be used both ranged and melee with a light shield. Their quiver ability allows them to restock all javelins / axes. Not as strong at range as the other subclasses, but makes up for it with more versatility and defense.

A promotional Chivalry 2 screenshot of a Mason Order player in a room full of bodies, resting a sword against their shoulders.


The Vanguard has the highest movement speed and toughness of any class, and can wield the most powerful two-handed weapons as well. This is offset by the Vanguard’s low health pool, making it a prime target for enemy archers and, lastly, everyone.

The Vanguard’s signature move is Leaping Strike, which is a charged attack that deals massive damage to anyone it hits; but it’s a tricky move to land properly, and it often leaves you rather vulnerable, so it’s more useful in 1v1 situations where you’re unlikely to get overwhelmed too quickly.

Vanguard is a very strong class because the pure skill can compensate for its main drawback (the low health pool). A good Vanguard is just as difficult to kill as anyone else, and his ability to wield devastating one-hit weapons like the Maul means there is very little room for error when faced with a Vanguard.

Subclasses of the Vanguard:

  • Devastating (my favorite): The downside of a sub-par secondary weapon allows you to wield the most powerful two-handed weapons in the game as a Devastator. This subclass is also equipped with disposable mallets and a pot of oil that covers a burning patch of land.
  • Raider: The only subclass in the game that can equip a primary weapon in both primary and secondary slots. Make the most of this perk by equipping weapons with different damage types so you can handle different classes with ease. The Raider’s Warhorn increases the health regeneration of nearby allies for a short time.
  • Ambush: Ambush gains + 35% damage bonus when attacking from behind. They use low damage but fast acting melee weapons, as well as throwing knives that can be replenished using the Quiver ability. Ideal for players who can use the mobility of the Vanguard for lightning attacks.

A promotional Chivalry 2 screenshot of an Agatha Knights player pole vaulting and kicking an Order Mason player in the chest.


The Footman has average stats across the board and is a great place to start if you’re not sure which class to choose. They are more heavily armored than Vanguards and Archers, and they can use their Bandage Kits to heal any damage taken, making them surprisingly survivable.

The Infantryman’s signature ability is Sprint Charge, which allows him to deal significant damage while sprinting towards an enemy. The effect is similar to the Vanguard’s Leaping Strike, but a little less risky as it’s easier to land and doesn’t leave you as vulnerable afterwards.

The Footman subclasses take the class in very different directions, making it a bit difficult to judge the power of the class as a whole; but they are strong and versatile warriors, and should not be underestimated just because they lack the focus of other classes.

Subclasses of footmen:

  • poleman: The Poleman uses very long two-handed weapons with excellent range and the ability to attack enemies on the ground. They can also place spike traps like the Longbowman, and they gain a + 25% damage bonus with Footman Sprint Charge attacks.
  • Man at arms (my favorite): Designed for agility, the Man-at-Arms almost reaches the Vanguard’s movement speed when using one-handed weapons, and his cooldown is cut in half, this which allows him to dance around enemies with their sword (or mace) and shield combo.
  • Site engineer: The Field Engineer deals double damage to breakable items and can also place walls and spike traps. They use a decent Sledgehammer is a primary weapon, but it’s their only weapon, so there’s nothing to fall back on.

A promotional Chivalry 2 screenshot of two Agatha knights facing off against a Mason warrior with a two-handed polearm.


The Knight is the healthiest and most armored class in Chivalry 2, and they are designed to block and absorb damage, although they can also hit as hard as anyone else.

The knight charges his special ability by blocking and taking damage, so you can’t be careful and suspicious when playing as a knight. Knights are designed to be in the middle of the battlefield, absorbing damage and hopefully even surviving against multiple opponents at once.

The downside to playing as a knight is that they are rather slow even when fully charged – although they appreciate the whole class’s ability to attack ground opponents if you hit your top speed while approaching. ‘a target.

Knights subclasses:

  • Officer: The officer has a powerful array of versatile weapons, as well as throwing knives for limited range effectiveness. They can use their Trumpet to increase the health regeneration of their allies for a short time, but they also suffer from a 50% increased cooldown, making them the least mobile subclass in the game.
  • Guardian: The Guardian uses one-handed weapons alongside a massive tower shield that helps them block attacks and quickly charge their special ability: a plantable banner that heals nearby allies over time. They are by far the most tanking subclass in the game.
  • Cross (my favorite): The Crusader suffers from the same 50% increased reload time as the Officer, but their dangerous combination of two-handed, one-handed, and ranged weapons make them formidable in any situation. They can also throw a pot of oil that ignites on the ground where it lands.

These are the 4 classes and 12 subclasses of Chivalry explained in detail, so hopefully now you have a good idea of ​​which type of warrior best complements your playstyle. While you’re here, don’t forget not to also consult our page on the advisability of choosing Agatha or Mason.

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