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How to craft weapons, clothes, mods, and more

Crafting can be done at any time in Cyberpunk 2077 as it is done through your main menu. To find this section, open your menu and navigate to the Arts and crafts tongue.

You will see all the items you can craft on the left side of the screen. There are also categories at the top if you want to specifically look at weapons, clothing, mods, etc.

Items with a red background cannot be crafted because you don’t have the required components or materials yet.

Select a valid item you want to craft and a preview screen will show you the needed components near the bottom, along with the stats and potential attributes for that specific item.

Click and hold the Arts and crafts button at the bottom to build the element.


How to upgrade weapons, clothing, mods, and more

Similar to crafting, you can also choose to upgrade existing items in your inventory, including weapons, clothing, mods, and more.

To access the upgrades section, open your menu and navigate to Arts and crafts tongue. Then select Upgrades in the next sub-menu.

In this section, you will see all of the upgradeable items in your inventory on the left side of the screen. Select an item that you want to upgrade and you will see a preview on the right side of the screen showing the expected stats of the item after upgrading, as well as the components or materials required for the upgrade.

Click and hold the Improve button at the bottom to confirm the change.

If you don’t have the resources or the level to complete the upgrade, the Upgrade button will say Blocked.

Where to find upgrade items and components

Components are essential for crafting and upgrading your weapons and gear in Cyberpunk 2077. Fortunately, they are plentiful and can be found just about anywhere.

The easiest way to acquire components is to take apart your existing weapons and equipment that you don’t want. By doing this, you will in return receive some of the crafting components that can be used for something else.

Alternatively, you can loot crafting components around the world. Look for containers containing these components when exploring Night City, as they are usually hidden from view.

Finally, you can purchase items and upgrade components from most vendors.

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