The Wicked Ridge NXT 400 produces bolt speeds of 400 fps thanks to its RX-6 dual cams and Dual-Flex split limbs. The ACUdraw cocking device reduces cocking effort on this 200-pound pulling weight platform to just 5 pounds.

TenPoint is practically synonymous with crossbow hunting, which allows it to put years of experience, technology and ingenuity into its Wicked Ridge line.

The NXT 400 – Wicked Ridge 2021’s flagship crossbow – features the company’s RX-6 dual cam system with spiral cable grooves, Dual Flex split limbs, Tri-Lock limb pockets, one unit PolyOne OnForce one-piece cast stock / grip handle, an aluminum barrel and a T5 trigger that utilizes the self-engaging safety and dry fire inhibitor functions.

To smoke !

The NXT 400 is advertised to produce an actual speed of 400 fps using a 400 grain bolt. It all starts with the RX-6 Cam system, designed with a spiral cable groove that allows for greater spin and increased speed potential. The chain is also pulled across the cams to add length to the power stroke, which stretches 15.5 inches. A longer power stroke also contributes to faster bolts. The machined aluminum double cams are based on a combination of axles, bearings and bushings to reduce friction and improve system efficiency. Wicked Ridge uses its Vector Quad Cable technology to ensure balance and alignment in the function of the eccentric system. Four cables are used rather than the traditional two, each connecting directly to the cam, wrapping around a pole and ending on the riser – never crossing the center line of the arch. This prevents cables from crossing each other, eliminates associated cable wear, results in balanced cam loading, and provides perfect alignment and cam movement for straight notch movement and elimination of tilting of the shaft. cam.

The 200-pound Dual Flex split limbs are 12 inches long, are made of Gordon Composites material through a lamination process, and are finished in Peak Camo. The critical limb-to-elevator interface is handled by the company’s Tri-Lock limb pocket system, which is CNC machined from aluminum and black anodized. The pocket uses a minimal amount of material to control and align the limbs. A compact yet rugged riser is CNC machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 aluminum and features a wide-head clearance scoop and large cutouts for reduced mass weight.

Trigger connected

Wicked Ridge connects the bow to the butt with its one-piece CNC machined aluminum barrel / rail. This 21.5 inch bridge is black anodized and uses numerous cutouts throughout its length to reduce overall weight, while also playing a role in reducing noise and vibration. A machined aluminum trigger housing / housing sits above and is attached to the rear of the barrel. It houses the company’s T5 trigger, self-engaging trigger safety, and the dry fire inhibitor, which physically prevents loosening of the rope until a bolt is properly loaded. The T5 trigger is designed to produce a slight 3.5-pound pull, minimize travel, and features a friction-reducing latch. A Picatinny rail bolts to the trigger housing for scope mounting and includes a nylon filament bolt retention brush, reducing noise and increasing consistency.

Shooting interface

The NXT 400 sports a one-piece stock / forearm unit that begins at the buttplate and supports most of the length of the rail. Wicked Ridge’s thumbhole stock (called Functionally Superior Bullpup) is injection molded using PolyOne’s OnForce material, known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. The pistol grip, raised cheek, and rounded front grip provide the shooter with control, comfort and positioning for a better overall experience. Dual-purpose rubber safety wings reduce vibration and help protect the shooter’s fingers. The company’s ACUdraw crank cocking device comes standard on the NXT 400 and is stock mounted in front of the buttplate. The ACUdraw reduces cocking effort to just 5 pounds.

What’s in the box?

The NXT 400 comes as a kit with TenPoint’s 3X Pro-View riflescope, a Pro Elite 400 3-bolt pack, and a 3-bolt snap-release quiver.

To the range

The NXT 400’s advertised speed of 400 fps with a 400 grain bolt makes it very clear that this is not “up” speed, but rather what you can expect. Our tests proved it, as the test bench recorded 401 fps on our Pro Chrono chronograph. Arming the 200 pound limbs with the ACUdraw installed was quick and easy. Even though there is no adjustment in the butt or cheek, I found the bow to be fairly well adjusted, with good eye level for aiming. Although the overall length of the crossbow is 35 inches with the caliper attached, it still has good balance and is very narrow. The NXT 400 is a fast platform with features and technologies designed to get the job done.

The specifications

  • Maker: Wicked Ridge Crossbows, 330-628-9245;
  • Model: NXT400
  • Safety devices: Dry fire inhibitor, self-triggering safety, safety wings
  • Elevator: Compact and machined aluminum, black anodized
  • Cam system: RX-6, double, spiral cable groove
  • String of characters: Brownell Rhino, Lined Center Portion, 31.5625 inches
  • Cables (x4): Brownell Rhino, 12.75 inch
  • Members: Double Flex, Split, Gordon Composites
  • Draw weight: 200 pounds
  • Power stroke: 15.5 inch
  • Grab: Pistol grip, profiled
  • Stock / Forearm: Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB)
  • To finish: Camo Pic
  • Announced speed: 400 fps with a 20.5 inch 400 grain bolt
  • Suggested advertised price: $ 1,099.99
  • Comments: Fast, narrow and designed to hunt.

Test measurements

  • Maximum width: 14.25 inches (at rest); 9.25 inch (cocked)
  • Axle to axle width: 11.19 inches (at rest); 6.25 inch (cocked)
  • Maximum length: 35 inches; 33.25 inch (without caliper)
  • Mass Weight: 8.4 lbs (crossbow with ACUdraw); 10.2 lbs (with accessories)
  • Pull length: 13.375 inch
  • Average trigger pull: 2.34 lbs
  • Average shot noise: 105.47 dB with 420 grain bolt
  • Maximum deviation of the shot at 35 meters: .81 inches

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