WHITE OAK, Texas (KLTV) – Sporting goods stores are gearing up and having sales for the next big deer hunting season, but not in November.

The “bow hunting” season begins in October and attracts thousands of hunters each season.

Shoot down the game with flying an arrow! For many hunters, this is the ultimate test of skill.

“It’s a lot of practice when it comes to archery season. You have to work on your breathing, you have to work on your traction, you have to work on your release, ”says Upshur County Game Ranger Nathan Skeen.

According to US Fish and Game, 32 percent of all deer hunters are bow hunters. And they drive equipment sales.

“A lot of new bows have started flying off the shelves. I have a ton of bows to work on here that my previous clients have brought me, ”says Austin Sanchez of“ Sportsman’s Outfitters ”in Longview.

One of the things that obviously changed the bow hunting season is the addition of the crossbow.

“It allows people who a lot can’t climb a tree, maybe not shoot a compound bow, gives them access to the hunt,” Skeen says.

But you have to be careful because with the guns even state parks have reported stray shots or arrows.

“If you’re going to shoot, make sure you know your safety net. Make sure there are no houses behind where you are shooting. Know where your bullet or arrow is going, ”says Jeremy Velasquez, TP&WL National Park police officer.

As with any hunting season, there are rules and safety concerns.

“We see it every year, there is always a kind of fatality. Archery hunters can sometimes reach 30 to 40 feet in a tree. Wear your safety harness. You still need to have a hunting license, you need to have an archery endorsement on your hunting license to archery in October, ”Skeen explains.

Texas archery season begins October 2.

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