A Milwaukee, Wisconsin man noticed a strange-looking deer in a park and saw that it had suffered a horrific injury.

Collin Buth.

A doe with an arrow in its head was recently spotted wandering through a park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Collin Buth was on a morning bike ride in Whitnall Park when he saw deer wandering through the woods, he said in a video posted April 2.

One of these deer “looked a little weird,” Buth said, and as he got closer, it became clear why. You could see an arrow coming out of his head.

“That poor animal,” he said.

The arrow appears to have been fired from behind.

When the doe turns to face the camera, the bright green fletching on the end of the shaft disappears from view and a greater extent of damage is revealed. The sharp point of the arrow can be seen from the front, having carved a hole in the left side of the deer’s face before it finally stops.

A cyclist recorded video of a spotted deer wandering through a Milwaukee, Wisconsin park with an arrow in its head. Collin Buth.

“It is definitely illegal to hunt in Milwaukee County,” Buth says in the video.

There are certain areas designated for bowhunting with a permit in the county, but it’s not allowed in the park where the deer was spotted, according to Patch. Poachers have been known to shoot wildlife in Whitnall Park, state conservation director Samuel Haferkorn said. Haferkorn’s office has received multiple reports of illegal hunting in that area over the past year, he said, adding that state officials are aware of injured deer.

It is unclear whether the deer was shot in Whitnall Park or later wandered off after a near death elsewhere.

Buth is not the first person to have seen the doe, officials told WDJT. Others have reported sightings to the Wisconsin Humane Society in recent months.

As horrific as the injury may have been, the deer apparently continued despite it and will likely continue to do so, Humane Society Vice President Angela Speed ​​told the broadcaster.

“The deer seems to be very mobile and active. It’s a very strange situation because it looks like a terrible injury at first glance, but it didn’t seem to affect the deer’s ability to survive,” Speed ​​said.

People called on the organization to take action, but Speed ​​said their hands were more or less tied, WDJT reported.

“We have been referring callers over the past few weeks to the DNR, as we do in most cases involving deer,” Speed ​​said. “We are unable to treat deer in the field or accommodate adult deer for rehabilitation due to both resource and regulatory issues.”

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