The Amazon Bow build primarily focuses on his magical abilities and bow mastery to create an exceptionally versatile build. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Amazon Build Bow in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Risen Arc Amazon Build

The Bow Amazon version is one of the best versions you can have on Amazon in D2 Resurrected. He uses and focuses both his Icy Spire and Explosive Arrow to counter any enemy immunities that can cripple a singularly focused build.

Now let’s talk about some weaknesses and strengths of this Amazon release that you need to keep in mind.

Strengths and weaknesses

Let’s start with the strengths of Bow Amazon Build and see what the build specializes in.

Bow Amazon highlights

  • Mobility and high speed make it very efficient for agriculture.
  • Ideal for solo.
  • Excellent for both single target and AoE damage.
  • Large CC of cold abilities which are very useful in the game.

Weaknesses for Bow Amazon

  • Won’t deal as much damage as a singular skill-based build (like investing only in the Frozen Spire).
  • Very mana intensive.

Attribute distribution

  • Strength: 150
  • Dexterity: 190-200
  • Vitality: 200
  • Energy: 300+


Below is a list of spells that you will use the most for Amazon Bow building:

Magic Arrow +1: This is a prerequisite for the other abilities, so it is also important.

Fire Arrow +1: You should invest 1 point before entering the nightmare, because then cold immunity has become a factor. It adds 12% more fire damage to Explosive Arrow per level.

Cold Arrow +20: It’s a single target attack that chills or chills mobs when hit by it. This slows them down and damages them. It also gives a chance to break on death. It not only kills bosses, but also synergizes with Freeze Arrow and Ice Arrow. The damage added to Ice Arrow and Freezing Arrow is 8% and 12% respectively.

Multiple shot +1: For this, no additional point is necessary. One point is enough. You will take full advantage of this by stacking + Class skill, items and charms

Explosive Arrow +20: This will explode on impact and the fire ability is added to both the explosion and the arrow. If you pierce, this arrow can also be used for a second explosion. He has a + 12% additional fire damage to Fire Arrow, so synergizes with that quite well.

Guided arrow +18: This will find and hit the nearest crowd target. It is also good at dealing with immune mobs as it also adds physical damage to attacks.

Ice Arrow +18: This is a single target ability that freezes crowds on impact. The reason the cold arrow is preferred is that the freeze arrow has synergies with the ice arrow. The Cold Arrow also grants 12% more Cold Damage, so it’s best.

Icy Arrow +20: Freeze Arrows will provide you with cold damage which is used to freeze any nearby mobs. It is useful for eliminating a lot of enemies. He gives you 5% extra freeze length with Ice Arrow and also gets 12% extra damage for Cold Arrow.

Best gear for Bow Amazon in Diablo 2 Risen

Here’s the recommended gear list you’ll focus on for the Bow Amazon Build:

Weapons / Shield

The best weapon choice with this build is the Matriarchal Ice Bow with +3 Faith or Ice Arrow. For Shield, the best option available is Call to Arms or Lidless Wall. These are better options if you don’t have the strength of your mind.


For helmets you have two options here, you can either use the Socket Wing Veil with a 5/5 cold rainbow facet or the second is Harlequin Crest and get a +2 boost in all skills. You should go with the first one which is Nightwing’s Veil.


Vampire Gaze is the armor that you should be using as it will provide you with 100% improved damage and add around 6-22 cold damage. The other one that you can try is the chain of honor. It will also provide you with good options.


One of the best amulets in Diablo 2 has to be the Kaleidoscope of Mara. Choose it to receive an additional increase of +2 to all skills, + 20-30 to all resistances, and +5 to all attributes.


There are two options to choose from. Either you can choose Reven Frost or your standard Jordan Stone. The choice is yours as both parties provide their respective best properties.

Gloves / Boots / Belts

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to these items.

As Magic Gloves, Attack Speed ​​is increased by 20% and Bow + 3%. You can also use the back glove which will give you + 2% bow and crossbow skills and increased attack speed.

For the belts, you should go for the Razortal as it is the best option available for the available space. The best option for boots of this construction is Sandstorm Treks.

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