So, life is crazy, a lot of evil has passed to meet me, I go to the Flambeau to heal myself! Last week I loaded the canoe onto the old Chevrolet and packed the truck with camping and fishing gear as well as my puppy Ruby who is terminally ill with a fake pregnancy, she continues to bury her balloon. football in a nest she made. My goal was to camp on the Flambeau Flowage, not to hear any news, to paddle for the muskellunge, to look at the sky, the water and a campfire to cure my brain of a very nasty infection that had me kicked the buttocks!

I started my trip at Murrays Landing which is remote and most of the people you see are in a canoe or kayak. Got lucky after only rowing about a mile when campground 40 was available and found out that was the only site open on the stream.

My first executive decision was that I wasn’t going to pitch my tent, I would just sleep on the floor looking at the sky at night and in the morning and a big red dog would steal my pillow both nights. On the offer Ruby no baby so I assumed she was pregnant and for sixty days I made rice and meat for her and she consumed copious amounts and gained 14 pounds.

I have Ruby on a diet now, and she isn’t particularly happy about it.

So camp was over by noon I tried to take a nap but just looked at things which were great then the last three hours of the day paddled about six miles pulling two musky crankbaits behind me. The only thing I caught was weeds but I didn’t care. I went back to the camp at nightfall, lit a fire, drank two beers, and went to the ground, I mean to bed.

The tentless plan was not flawless as this thing called the mosquito decided it wanted my blood. I listened, I killed him and in fifteen minutes his friend would come to do the same suicide mission. If you listen and let them relax, you can kill them in the dark.

The problem is, if you kill at least 30 mosquitoes during the sleeping period of your day and that way, you are not sleeping.

At 4:30 a.m., it got a little brighter outside, and I looked up at the sky through the branches of white and red pines and killed skeets. At 6:30 am, the skeets were gone and I slept.

I have camped on this site several times. Once in late September I was here for a week of bow hunting, muskellunge fishing and duck hunting. I used a boat and canoe and in the late afternoon took my boat with my hunting gear for a two mile ride to where I was walking around to hunt. I decided to throw a few shots with a Suick at a spot where I had caught a 41 inch muskie the day before.

A big fish hit the Suick and I finally landed a 47 inch muskie. I tried to revive this fish. I even got into the water with it. When it was obvious it was a gor, I returned to my truck, left my camp for the night, and went to Mercer. I went to a tavern; told the bartender that I would give him five dollars if I could put the musk in his freezer and I had a very memorable evening. This musky is right above the desk where I’m sitting.

So this afternoon I’m going on a six hour trolling expedition, but today I chose to cast a chrome blade bucktail half the time after the trolling failed. landed only weeded cranks. I missed a little dandy mouth, but was super surprised when what would be a 23 inch walleye hit the bucktail, my net, my cooler, and my belly. I like to catch and release, but since Ruby didn’t have any puppies and my Etec went to Heaven, this poor earth farmer hits the poor house and so the walleye hit the pan.

I rowed to camp in the dark and the next morning set off on an eight mile round trip to my duck hunting location, lots of wildlife, lots of ducks. I worked with Ruby all weekend playing water and land fetch and that’s where I’ll be for the northern Wisconsin opener.

51 years ago my father took me here for the first time, if I had the time I could write a book about the 51 years of fun I had here. Stop whining, start playing! Sunset.

PS The poor farmer goes on a fishing trip as soon as he reaches the end of this column.

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