The statue is a work of art and this item is a work of satire.

A blue and white patterned statue that looks a bit like a big old ding-a-ling on Miami’s North Quad has sparked speculation about its significance on the Oxford campus.

“Is that a dick after all?” Or a dildo? Is this really a positive message about sex? A major in women and gender studies said. “Or is that just a big fuck you from Miami?” “

The Miami administration declined to comment on the rooster-shaped structure it has installed in the ground for the foreseeable future or why it paid the equivalent of a semester of tuition and accommodation and board for install it on North Quad.

Miami’s art and art history departments also have no idea what’s going on with the statue.

“He certainly alludes to phallic symbolism. I mean, look at it, ”said one art teacher. “But that’s all we can say.”

The artist, Hugh G. Rection, declined to be interviewed for this story.

His assistant replied by e-mail that “Mr. Rection acknowledges that the statue could be interpreted as a phallic object, but trusts viewers of his art to interpret their own meaning.

While Miami administrators have not commented on the statue, an email from Miami “Weekly Three” asked fraternity members to stop urinating drunk on the statue and climb it overnight.

“Please refrain from this activity unless you are doing it in groups of less than 10 people,” the email reads.

The email did not describe how this new rule would be enforced, nor did it state that it was technically an act of public indecency that would normally be fined outside of the Miami campus.

The purpose of placing the statue on North Quad, a popular dormitory area for student-athletes, Farmer School of Business (FSB) students and freshman learning communities, is also unknown. A student athlete had a few theories about the statue’s appearance.

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“It’s a baseball bat,” he says. “Or a cricket bat. It reminds me a bit of that corn-on-the-cob field in central Ohio, but it sure doesn’t look like corn-on-the-cob.

A freshman in a living learning community also weighed in.

“Every time I pass it it’s a reminder that capitalism is fucking us every day,” they said.

The business school declined to comment, although Miami specifically contacted FSB alumni to donate to the project.

Students also saw fellowship members trying to climb to the top and sit on it. A witness saw a brother in the fraternity succeed, although he broke his gonads and caused irreparable damage to his ability to have children in the process.

“He’s one less-born future Kayleigh from Miami Mergers,” the witness said.

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