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As the name suggests, Archer is a sniper or support role designed to deal damage to enemies from far to medium. While other heavier classes depend on melee combat, archers avoid it because their health and stamina are quite low.

This is combined with the fact that their melee weaponry typically requires around five to eight successful hits to kill an opponent, unlike melee classes which only take one hit.

Speaking of classes, the archer has three subclasses namely Skirmisher, Longbowman and Crossbowman. None of them have any special abilities except the Skirmisher.

That said, the entire Archer class is facing some major criticism lately… or should I say since the game was first introduced?

Its critics say archers crave fun from the gameplay, which otherwise revolves around melee combat alone, and makes the game very unbalanced.

Is it me or is it that whenever you’re in a team fight or a 1v1 there’s always this idiot choosing to minigun you. Without fail, I will win a 1v1 and I just got shot in the head by an archer during the spawn. I am not speaking for all of us but probably for many. Why archery

Some have even complained that archers mess up the flow of Chivalry 2’s combat by shooting players in the head early in the game or during spawn.

This side has requested their complete removal, which will make the game melee-focused, or at least nerfed to reduce the archers’ advantage over other classes.

However, the complete removal of archers remains a very unpopular opinion and most players still like their inclusion, despite the fact that very few actually play them.

This is because the game is based on medieval combats and what good is a battle from this era without the inclusion of archers? Damn, even the game is developers agree with this point.

Additionally, Chivalry 2 is meant to be as much a strategy game as it is a fighting game, and having archers stationed at strategic points allows for a good defensive approach.

So what’s your take on this, fellow Chivalry 2 player? Should archers be nerfed or completely suppressed? Or is their inclusion an essential part of the chivalrous experience without which the game is incomplete?

You can tell us your opinion by voting through the poll below or by leaving a comment in the comments section below. As always, the poll results will be released next week.

Update 1 (June 22)

IST 7:30 p.m .: According to the poll results, 40% of players think there is nothing wrong with Archers in Chivalry 2 while 35% of players want them to be nerfed and 25% think they should be removed completely.

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