Compared to its predecessor, Dying Light 2 does not have traditional firearms. Instead, the game’s ranged weapons are primarily bows and crossbows. This may be a drawback for some, but believe me, these weaponry will still trivialize most encounters. here is our Dying Light 2 ranged weapon guide to help you with bows, crossbows and how you can change ammo types.

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Dying Light 2 bows, crossbows and ammunition guide

Where to find bows in Dying Light 2

Although I explored the game world quite a bit, I didn’t notice any bow weapon in Dying Light 2 until halfway through the campaign. To be honest, I can’t even remember where I found my first one, except I was already in the center loop (at the start of the A Place to Call Home mission).

From then on, I started paying more attention to loot. Here is what I discovered:

  • During a mission called The Shoe, you’ll find the trombone bow on a dresser inside Lawan’s apartment.
  • A few military airdrops (THB-M30 downtown and THB-1N4 at Île Saint-Paul) have arches next to the crates.
  • The radio tower in Newfound Lost Lands (Newfound Land Military Array) has an arch on one of the ledges.
  • Vendors can sometimes sell bows of varying rarities (e.g. I had a Rust artifact once).

Where to find crossbows in Dying Light 2

The crossbow in Dying Light 2, meanwhile, is an entirely different matter. As far as I know there is only one type, the PK crossbow. You can get it by taking over facilities and assigning them to Peacekeepers. The PK Crossbow, along with all blueprints for elemental bolts, is automatically given to you as a Tier 4 reward. semi-automatic and can be fired quickly.

Dying Light 2 Bows Crossbows Ammo Change Guide 2

Why These Ranged Weapons Are So Good

Although guns would have been welcome in any zombie apocalypse game, bows and crossbows in Dying Light 2 remain viable for several main reasons:

  • You can stay at a distance to shoot your enemies. Due to clumsy AI, some infected won’t even bother to jump or dash to your location if you’re on a higher platform. For example, you can do quick work on Revenants in GRE Anomalies by shooting them and dodging their poison drops.
  • Unlike melee weapons with durability issues, ranged weapons don’t have the durability system you need to worry about. All you have to do is craft ammo and have plenty to spare.
  • Ammo acts similarly to melee weapon mods in that it provides elemental effects. However, unlike weapon mods, ammo types cannot be upgraded. This brings us to…

Dying Light 2 Bows Crossbows Change Ammo Guide 3

Craft and change ammo types in Dying Light 2

As mentioned earlier, Crossbow Bolt Blueprints are automatically given once you have the PK Crossbow reward. As for the arrow blueprints, you will need to purchase them separately from Craftmaster NPCs. Then open your Crafting menu -> Ammo tab to see what you can craft. Here’s the gist:

  • You can craft basic ammo – 10x Arrows or 10x Bolts – with 10x Scraps and 1x Feathers.
  • If you need a particular elemental ammo, you will need these scraps, feathers, and 1x of a specific material. For example, 10x fire arrows require 1x resin and 10x shock arrows require 1x wiring.
  • Feathers can be found in rooftop nest boxes. These are places that would often have other items, like honey, chamomile, or crates.

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Once you’ve crafted ammo, simply equip your bow or crossbow in Dying Light 2 and fire with the left click button. If you have certain combat skills, like precise aiming, you can even press the Ctrl key to zoom.

If you need to change ammo type, you will need to activate the weapon scroll wheel (i.e. hold “3” by default). Select the bow or crossbow, then press “Q” or “E” to cycle through the ammo types you have. Remember that the ammo type changes to the default/base variant whenever you load, respawn, or sleep.

To note: There is also another type of ammo that allows you to turn humans into infected zombies.

Dl2sth Bcrbw Gd 2

Dying Light 2 is available through Steam. For more information, check out our guides and feature hub.