With only six ranged weapon types, choosing the best one for your Salt and Sacrifice run can be a real challenge. Luckily, each weapon is designed to work well with whatever you want to explore and will compliment certain classes due to each’s prosperity and scaling on different stats.

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Although different weapons work for different people, it’s worth trying them out before fully committing to a specific type. After all, everyone has a different mechanic and way to beat these tough bosses, so you’ll want to explore how they fight, as well as how powerful they are. Fortunately, some are a bit more powerful and easier to use than others.


6 throwing daggers

There’s no bad ranged weapon if you know how to use it and are comfortable with it. However, some are arguably not beginner-friendly and may make you feel relatively useless until you master them. This is unfortunately the case for Dagger Throwers, which have some really good weapons and give you the potential to break the enemy’s guard on occasion, but can be particularly hard to get used to.

Ultimately, the majority of dagger throwers have an impressive amount of damage, and many of them scale well with Dexterity, but they’re so hard to aim and actually hit any enemy that moves. That being said, there are some interesting designs that range from deadly to pretty food if you prefer to go the aesthetic route.

5 throwing axes

Throwing axes work similarly to throwing daggers in that they require a vast element of skill to master and strike effectively. The only two issues behind this type of weapon are the fact that they are difficult to use and have very few damage types, only really working with cold or light attacks, which is rather frustrating.

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Still, with higher damage than Dagger Throws, this weapon type is a good choice if you want to feel badass and take the hits to prove it.

4 Throwing weapons

When it comes to specific weapon types, it can be difficult to have a favorite due to the number of weapons that reside in the category. This is one of the main things that makes ranged weapons such a difficult category to categorize – after all, there are five particularly unique items that do very different things and will be effective in different scenarios. The versatility of the thrown weapon is something that puts it above other items, since any player can take advantage of it, whether based on strength, dexterity, arcana, constitution or luck. .

Nonetheless, with the addition of bombs that can deal a host of elemental as well as physical damage, they are a lot of fun to explore. They are also particularly useful for those who have a little trouble aiming effectively due to the range and size of the explosion, especially with glowing spheres and mechanical bombs. It’s a different way to play Salt and Sacrifice, but still effective.

3 crossbows

One of the most frustrating aspects of ranged weapons in many other games is ammo. This can often deter anyone from using this style, as they will constantly craft or buy arrows to keep shooting. Luckily, the crossbow ignores this ammo loss and instead lets you go pick up enemy bolts once you’ve killed them. It can be quite frustrating to still be able to run out, but at least there’s no need to do more.

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Nonetheless, within the crossbow category is a particularly useful weapon that many will come to love. Along with the ability to break the enemy’s guard and deal an impressive amount of damage, the Bloodhunt Arbalest also has the ability to heal you, making it a useful ranged weapon on its own. While other crossbows may not have this perk, they do have the break guard element, and all scale well with Dexterity and Luck, allowing you to take out enemies with ease.

2 Short bows

The shortbow is essentially the fastest version of the crossbow and really only brings a few select weapons to Salt and Sacrifice. However, there is no need to have so many variations when the Shortbow category is as powerful and useful as it is.

They can fire multiple arrows and can often deal more damage than some of the melee picks, putting them well above other ranged categories. That, combined with the ease of use, makes this category beginner-friendly and enough to carry you through this Souls-like experience.

1 Pipe rods

When it comes to ranged weapons, it really all depends on which build you choose to join. If you’re looking for dexterity builds, it’s worth looking at crossbows or shortbows. However, if you are using an Arcana construct, Channeling Rods are the best weapons to try. They work great for a build like this and scale extremely well, meaning the power increases the further you go.

The versatility of the attacks and the power they bring will make you a spellcaster to be reckoned with, especially with the Codex Rod or other powerful items in this category. Just keep the enemy out of range and you should be able to take them down easily.

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