A national archery tour that began in Wisconsin made its way to Bismarck for the first time.
The Rinehart 100 Shoot attracted around 400 people.

Several different 3D animal targets set up at McDowell Dam Recreation Center allowed hunters, like Brad Veith, to practice shooting.

“I’ve been involved in archery since my early twenties, failing a lot and learning the hard way,” Veith said.

Veith continued with patience and practice.

“When we moved to Arizona, I had a friend from Ohio who made me want to shoot archery again. Since 2007 I have been shooting, ”said Veith.

He enjoyed it so much that he even got his 10 year old daughter involved.

“When she came, she showed interest in me when I was shooting, so we found a bow for the kids, and she really took off from there. She’s pretty coachable and overtakes me half the time, ”added Veith.

Odessa, 10, has been shooting archery for four years and when asked how her performance was, she responded.

“Pretty good,” Odessa Veith added.

While she’s pretty good at hitting targets, she says there are challenges.

“Yesterday was quite difficult for me, but I did better today,” said Veith.

All weekend, players hit different animal targets as this is not just a simple archery competition.

“You have a course of 100 targets of life-size targets. On another shoot, you just shoot a different kind of target, ”said Melissa Neutman, Director of Marketing.

This competition uses 3D targets.

“There is a North American themed line that will be your traditional bear, the turkey and we have a safari line that has a life size giraffe, a life size elephant,” said Brad Rinehart, owner of R100.

This is the first year that filming for The Rhinehart 100 has taken place in North Dakota.
Scheels Sporting Goods invited R100 to come to Bismarck.