Preparing for the hunting seasons takes a little planning, but will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Make sure all hunting gear is ready to go before you go out into the field.

Photo courtesy of Julie Geiser / NGPC

By Julie Geiser Outdoor / NGPC Columnist

Preparing for upcoming seasons should be top of the list for hunters, as some seasons are already open and others will start soon. Pre-planning will make the hunt more enjoyable and ensure that the equipment is ready to go before you go out into the field.

Below is a reminder of the tasks to be performed before entering the field:

»Get a new Harvest Information Program or HIP issue. Hunters can register 24 hours a day at or by calling 877-634-8687.

»Buy new 2021 hunting and fishing permits, stamps and park entry permits.

»Arrange for hunting grounds with landowners and on public transit areas.

»Clean your rifles, shotguns and archery equipment, make sure they are all in good working order.

»Obtain any ammunition or arrows you will use in advance.

»Sharpen your knives and collect all the items you need for dressing the fields.

»Gather all of your hunting clothes, boots, hats, gloves and other items to make sure they always fit and confirm that you have what you will need no matter what you hunt.

Shooting before the season

Shooting trap, skeet, or sport clays are great ways to prepare a hunter for the season. Practicing different shots and judging distances is a must and the shooting range is a great place to prepare these skills for pheasants, tetras, waterfowl, turkeys, or any other type of bird hunting you can do. .