Play this wind: You can’t harvest a deer if it smells like you long before you see it. Check what the wind direction will be on the day you plan to hunt, then choose a stand or blind location that will allow you to hunt without your human scent blowing in an area where deer likely will be.

Perfumes: The deer fear the last doe in heat was found yesterday. The fresh doe scent will grab the attention of most bucks. Use a fresh, quality doe estrus scent to trick a buck’s nose. Synthetic scents from the preorbital glands may also be effective.

Scent control: For a deer hunter, there is no way to eliminate your human odor, although you can control it. Showering before the hunt with unscented soaps and shampoos, then drying off with an unscented towel and using unscented moisturizers and deodorants are all necessary. Hunters must decontaminate hunting clothing and equipment by washing, spraying or wiping them with special odor reducing products. Once cleaned, they should be kept in sealed plastic bags or bins to keep them that way.

Be vocal, but don’t overdo it: Sometimes it pays to be vocal when hunting archery deer. You have to make the right call, however. Work in some assertive growls near or during peak rut, however, use your growl tube sparingly. Deer hunters often call too much. Simple, short contact growls can be used when you see a male and need to get his attention. Longer, more aggressive grunts work best for picking a fight. Blind calls with attentive growls and bleating may also work.