Death in any way, form and form, mourns. But when a person’s life is snatched away for no rhyme or reason, the grief intensifies tenfold, especially for those closest to them. Unfortunately, this is what happens when unnecessary greed combines with neglect and a weapon, which was precisely the case in the homicide of Egypt Covington, as depicted on NBC’s “Dateline: The Wrong Door”. . So now, if you’re curious about all the details of this case, including information regarding his job, relationship, and killers, we’ve got you covered.

How did Egypt Covington die?

Born July 19, 1989 in Detroit, Egypt, Jacquelyn Elizabeth Covington lived her entire life in the Belleville area of ​​Michigan and had a strong support system. She was a bright light to those who knew her and had an indescribable positive impact on the community. From yoga to golf to bow hunting, Egypt has it all. Yet his real passion lay in music. In fact, the 27-year-old was an account manager and local singer for a beer and wine distribution company when she abruptly lost her life on June 22, 2017. She was murdered in her duplex in the township of Van Buren.

The next evening, after not hearing from Egypt all day, her worried boyfriend, Curtis Meadows, visited her home, only to find her cold and bloody remains. She was lying on the floor with her hands tied behind her back and a head injury. Curtis dialed 911, and detectives eventually concluded that the Egyptian assailants had tied his wrists with Christmas lights before firing a single shot just behind his ear through a cushion on the couch. According to police records, the musician was watching a movie at the time of her assault and murder.

Who killed Egypt Covington?

Curtis Meadows was one of the first people questioned in connection with this case, but he was acquitted fairly quickly by authorities. The main reason was that there was no sign of break-in or theft, and since no one reported that the Egyptian dog, Ruby, was making too much noise either, it seemed credible to consider that she most likely knew his killer (s). From there, authorities named her ex-boyfriend Kenny Michalak as a person of interest, claiming that they had a tumultuous relationship and went their separate ways. Yet even that came to naught after further investigations.

Timothy Eugene Moore and Shandon Ray Groom

The entire Egyptian family, Michigan State Police and Crime Stoppers worked together to deliver a $ 30,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest. Still, it wasn’t until the end of 2020 that investigators got a definite breakthrough. In November 2020, they arrested Shane Lamar Evans and Timothy Eugene Moore. And in December, police also arrested Shandon Ray Groom, charging the three men with homicide and other crimes in Egypt. They had no connection with the local singer.

According to court documents, the Egyptian neighbor across the hall legally ran a marijuana business next door. So he usually had the drugs inside his house. Moreover, it was well known that he, Egypt and several neighbors attended the Electric Forest music festival every June. But she had chosen not to go that year because she was busy. As Shane often worked in the garden at the duplex and knew this schedule, he drove there with the other men with the intention of stealing when they all wanted weed.

Shane Lamar Evans

Shane claims he told Shandon, Timothy, and one other person which house they were to break into, only to have them always head to the wrong door, which led to the murder of Egypt. That said, the three people named are the only ones charged in the case because cell phone recordings and GPS tracking place them at the scene at the time of the crime.

Also, since they also stole the phone from Egypt, they were further implicated when the recordings showed that his cell phone last rang at the exact spot of theirs before they left. ‘get rid of it. In March 2021, a judge ruled that Shandon, Timothy and Shane would stand trial on the charges against them, which has yet to take place. In other words, neither has been convicted of the crime.

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