dark souls is loved by fans around the world for its sprawling world, unique weapon design, and hands-off storytelling. It’s also infamous for its ruthless combat, brutal boss fights, and overall hard difficulty.

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As the beginning of the game consists of ringing the two awakening bells, you will inevitably come across Chaos Sorceress Quelaag, a daughter of the Witch of Izalith and an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. She can be a major difficulty for most beginners due to her high health and lack of early game tools to mitigate her abilities. So, we’re looking at where to find it, how to prepare, and most importantly, how to defeat it.


Where to find the chaos witch Quelaag

Head toward Blighttown and look at the swamp below, Domain of Quelaag can be seen on the far right corner of the swamp. Just look for the giant white mound of cobwebs – no, we’re not kidding.

Be sure to enter the bonfire between the two piers in the swamp. Then head into the cobwebs and through the fog door. Before you get there, there are a few things to grab that will make your life easier.

First, go to the roof above Petrus of Thorolund in Firelink Shrine and get the Undead Asylum F2 West key. Then, use the Firelink Shrine-Undead Parish elevator to navigate your way into the giant crow’s nestand return to the undead asylum to get the rusty iron ring. This is to make it easier to get into battle, so you can save on those Estus Flasks.

Second, stock up on Tufts of purple moss and Tufts of blooming purple moss from Undead Merchant. She is the NPC behind the bars of the long aqueduct connecting Firelink Shrine and the Burg Undead. You will not regret it.

Equip the Rusty Iron Ring to move quickly through the tough terrain, using the Moss Tufts to deal with any poison or toxic status effects.

Preparing for Quelaag

Buy some throwing knives from Undead Merchant and bring some Golden pine resin for the fight. You can find it in the Undead Burgbut you will have to buy the Residence key also from the merchant.

In the Undead Burg, head to the stairs that had the flaming barrel trap at the start of the game, en route to the Taurus Demon. Look around you and you will see a trunk on a ledge in the back garden of a house. Use the residence key to go through the house, open the chest and take the resin.

If you’re not hollow, Maneater Mildred will invade like a red ghost to the right of the swamp bonfire. Whether you beat her or not, she can help you against Quelaag by using it summoning sign outside the fog door.

If you want to beat Maneater Mildred, she has slow, weak attacks and can be stunned by any weapon, but her fast movement speed and toxic swamp can be problematic. To counter this, lure her into the bonfire area, then focus on parries and backstabs to defeat her quickly and safely.

If you summon Maneater Mildred to help you with Quelaag and she survives the boss fight, she will take half of the souls you acquire.

How to Beat Chaos Witch Quelaag

First of all, Quelaag deals a lot of fire damage and is also immune to it. Apart from Flash Sweat, completely avoid Pyromancieswhile making sure to wear fire and physical resistance armor like the Dark Knight’s Shield.

Then Quelaag is weak against lightning damage. Use the Golden Pine Resin from earlier to give yourself a big advantage. Equip throwing knives on your D-pad if you haven’t already, while arrows, crossbow bolts, and any other projectiles hitting her human body will cause her to stagger.

Once you enter the arena, walk away from the entrance area as soon as possible. Quelaag can leap or leap, pinning you in a corner and making his attacks unavoidable.

Speaking of her attacks, she has a flaming sword with an ability to slash and stab, a trampletwo lava area of ​​effect attacks and two fire area of ​​effect attacks. Try to stay in the center of the room for the rest of the engagement, as this will prevent his lava abilities from locking you down.

The main trick is to close the distance until you’re practically in your arms. Stay next to the spider head right, as it will make his sword moves useless at best and easily dodged at worst. Also, her lava breath attack will go directly overhead and you’ll be too close for her to do a spitting lava jump.

The two movements to watch out for the stomp and its close range fire wave. For trampling, keep an eye out for the front hind legsit’s your queue to get out of Dodge – or dodge, whichever you prefer.

The the fire wave is extremely dangerous but is easy to spot too. Every time she leans forward and hugs the spider’s head, she heats up her defensive area-of-effect burst — pun intended. It has a large radiusso quickly get away from her to avoid taking a potentially fatal damage.

All in all, stay close, chip away at his health, stay away from his most threatening skills, and stay away from the lava pools.

Rewards for beating Chaos Witch Quelaag

After defeating Quelaag, you will receive 20,000 souls, a twin humanityand the Soul of Quelaag.

You can either consume the soul for 8,000 souls, sell it to Frampt for 10,000 soulsor turn it into Chaos Blade Where Quelaag’s Furious Sword to Giant blacksmith in Anor Londo.

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