If you want to improve Ayaka and maximize her talents, you will need a lot of Genshin Impact handguards elements.

This is a new set of materials dropped by Wandering Samurai in Inazuma’s new update. So far, it seems that the Nobushi only spawn in a handful of locations, so expect repeat visits as you level up Ayaka.

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Genshin Impact Nobushi location

New enemy Nobushi drops items from the Hanguard series. These swordsmen come in several varieties:

  • Nobushi Hitsukeban
  • Nobushi Kikuban
  • Nobushi Jintouban

Hitsukeban relies on firecrackers and rapid blades to destabilize enemies. The Kikubans use electro-charged crossbow arrows, and the Jintubans are the standard Nobushi only wielding their swords.

All have a chance to drop handguard items.

We’re still working on every possible Nobushi location, but one area we know for sure spawns is Mount Yougou, just north of Grand Narukami Shrine. This is where your manual tells you if you are looking for Nobushi there.

Location of Genshin Impact Hanguard – Old Handguard

Any Nobushi enemy could drop them.

Genshin Impact handguard location – Kageuchi handguard

These can drop from Nobushi enemies of level 40 or higher.

Location of Genshin Impact handguard – Famous handguard

The higher level handguard item will only drop on Nobushi enemies of level 60 or above.

You can also find all of this in the shop section of Paimon’s Bargains where you can redeem Masterless Starglitter or Stardust for each. As with all other Ascension materials, crafting allows you to turn unwanted lower level handguards into higher level handguards. Three low level items will grant you one higher level item.

So far, it seems only Ayaka uses the Genshin Impact Handguard article series. Unlike the Sakura Bloom, you will need handguards for both her level rise and her talent rise, so plan to see a lot of Nobushi if you want to develop Ayaka.

For more on the new character chapters, here’s where to find A Flower Blooms in a Prison in Genshin Impact.

Or if you like the other two Genshin Impact 2.0 characters, there’s a lot of extra material to look out for as you explore Inazuma to upgrade Yoimiya and Sayu when their time comes later in August.

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