Diablo 2 has a variety of classes and abilities, and understanding how they work will help you get the most out of them. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to play Amazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected so that you can use the class to its full potential.

How to play Amazon in Diablo 2 Risen

Amazons are complete fighters in Diablo 2 who excel at ranged combat, but can throw a fist or two as well. They have a distinct set of abilities derived from a combination of primary magic, sacred magic, and weapon design ingenuity.

Amazons are much more skilled with the bow, but they can also use javelins, spears, and even magic to wreak havoc on their opponents. Long-range attack playstyles are Amazon’s strong suit.

Amazon skills

  • Crossbow and Bow
  • Javelin throw and spear
  • Passive and Magic

Crossbow and Bow

When it comes to using a crossbow and a bow, the Amazons are second to none. Having this skill improves your arrows and bolts in several ways. It can either let you shoot arrows en masse, or it can lock down a moving target so it can’t escape.

On top of that, it also increases your elemental damage. There are several special arrows that you can use with the crossbow and the bow.

Magic arrow: It can be shot without taking an arrow from the quiver. So it can be shot when you run out of arrows or diamonds entirely. However, it requires level 1.

Fire arrow: It requires level 1 and can add fire damage to your arrows with normal damage.

Cold arrow: To have it, level 6 is mandatory. Equipping it gives you a cold damage advantage in addition to the normal damage.

Multi-shot arrow: It simply converts a single arrow into several. It unlocks at level 6.

Explosive arrow: It unlocks at level 12 and also requires unlocking several arrows and a cold arrow. It adds explosive fire damage to an arrow.

Ice Arrow: He is able to freeze the opponent. It is accessible at level 18 and a cold arrow is a prerequisite for this arrow.

Guided arrow: It can hit a target opponent even if it is not visible, preventing it from escaping even if it is not static. To unlock this you need to unlock Magic, Cold, and Multi-Shot Arrows as well as a minimum level of 18.

Immolation arrow: It requires level 24 and the Magic Arrow, Fire Arrow, Multi Shot Arrow, and Explosive Arrow unlocked. When thrown at opponents it adds fire damage and creates a small firewall on impact.

Javelin throw and spear

The Amazons are masters of Javelins and Spears. Your attacks, speed, and range will improve dramatically once you unlock it. The abilities of this tree can only be used with javelins and spears and cannot be used with any other type of weapon.

It can provide the benefits of Power Strike, Poison Javelin, and Lightning Bolts if equipped. Additionally, the tree contains the following abilities.

Cut: It’s a fast triple attack that can be used after level 1.

Plague Javelin: It takes level 24 to unlock it, and when equipped it can quickly hit multiple targets nearby.

Thunderbolt: This requires Jab, Poison Javelin, Power Strike, Lightning Bolt, Charged Strike, and level 30 or higher. It can deliver a Chain Lightning shot.

Lightning Fury: This requires the Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, and Plague Javelin. In addition, a minimum level of 30 is required. Lightning Fury upgrades a thrown javelin by detonating it with multiple lightning bolts.

Passive and Magic

Passives and magic give you a lot of abilities. One of the most important abilities is survivability. This can increase the amount of damage you deal to your enemies.

These passive and magical abilities work well with the javelin and spear or crossbow. Another benefit of this ability is that it can summon a Valkyrie to aid you in battle.

This tree contains six passive skills, all of which are highly recommended in all scenarios. These passive skills include

Inter-view: It is a debuff that decreases the opponent’s defense. It is available at level 1.

Critical Strike: It can critically hit and double the physical damage of an attack. It is available from level 1.

Dodge: It is available from level 6. With dodge, Amazons are able to avoid incoming attacks while being static, as well as in combat.

Slow missiles: As the name suggests, it slows down monster missiles. However, to use it you must have an interior view as well as level 12.

To avoid: This helps prevent attacks from a distance. It is unlocked if you have a level 12 and dodge ability.

Enter: To use it you must first have a critical hit and a minimum of level 18. It enhances your attack to make sure it pierces the enemy’s defenses.

Lure: He can create copies of Amazon. You can only have it if you have Inner Sight, Slow Missiles with level 24.

Evade: It helps prevent attacks from a distance while walking and running. Dodge, Avoid and level 24 are required.

Valkyrie: He can summon a Valkyrie to aid you in battles. It comes into play at level 30. Inner Sight, Dodge, Slow Missiles, Avoid, Decoy, and Evade must be unlocked in order to use it.

Pierce: It requires a critical hit, penetration, and level 30. This ability allows projectiles, javelins, bolts, or arrows to pass through a target and continue, possibly hitting a second target.

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