The highly stressful FPS game Hunt: Showdown today released a new patch that makes key changes and updates, including the newly added ability to collect arrows and throw knives from enemies they landed in. There’s a new revolver, as well as some new rules for skill-based matchmaking, as well as a bunch of balance changes for several of the weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

Hunters will want to know more about the new Scottfield Model 3 revolver, which will go to your small location and take medium ammo. It holds six cartridges in the open cylinder and features an opening action for faster reloading. The cylinder also has a built-in ejector that spits out all the shells and housings at once – so you can refill it much faster. It is available at Tier 1 and can be purchased for 77 Hunt dollars.

There’s also a new piece of gear called Regeneration Shot, which comes in weak and standard variants. The low regeneration shot lasts for five minutes, while the standard version lasts for 10. During this time, your normal health regeneration rate is reduced by half (up to 2.5 HP per second), but it doesn’t. will not stop once it has filled a single “chunk” of health, and it starts as soon as you have been hit. This healing process will stop if you are hit by a status effect like poison or bleeding, and while reviving someone with necromancy.

One of the most impactful changes in Update 1.6.2 is how it made Death Assists easier to earn. The window of time you have to qualify for Kill Assist is now calculated based on your proximity to the target. If you stay near a target after hitting it, you’ll have more time to qualify for assist – and that will count if your target is killed by an AI monster or if they have some sort of terrible crash and crash. ends up committing suicide.

The patch also makes a pretty fun change to “salvageable projectiles,” including throwing axes, throwing knives, basic crossbow bolts, and hunting bow arrows. These can be removed from everything or from the person they landed in, and snatching them now causes additional damage. It probably won’t be a major factor in PvP, but against the Undead and Corrupted Fauna in Hunt: Showdown, it could be very useful.

Another important change in this patch is that skill-based matchmaking can now only be disabled after reaching level 100. their belts.

There’s a lot more to the full patch notes, which are available on Steam.

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