Kevin Christorf killed an absolutely huge typical male in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin on October 28, 2021. With an unofficial green score of 200-5 / 8 inches gross and 196-7 / 8 net, the male is in danger of breaking the current state – record a typical crossbow kill. According to the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club, the current state typical crossbow record was killed by Chia Vang in 2015 and reported 179-7 / 8 inches. The Christorf dollar is also potentially the biggest dollar ever taken with any type of archery equipment in Wisconsin, as the current archery record hit 192-6 / 8. . That dollar was taken by Charles BoCook in 2018. Taking a dollar of record caliber in Wisconsin is no small feat. The state is renowned for its slamming white tails and consistently tops the Boone & Crockett Club’s list of best white tail states in the record books.

The typical Badger State firearms record is one of the oldest records in the hunt – the iconic 206-1 / 8 inch Jordan Buck, which was killed in 1914. It is significant to note that several recent typical Wisconsin cocks were later docked by scorers for anomalous points, namely the famous Johnny King Buck, who was initially considered Milo Hansen’s iconic world record, and more recently the male of John Kassera, who was killed in 2015 and was initially considered the typical state record male archery kill before being later discovered to have an abnormal spike. That’s all to say that any discussion of the state records for the Christorf male is speculation until she goes through the mandatory drying period and is officially marked, but with over 17 inches at reselling for the crossbow record looks good for Christorf and his cock is sure to become one of the typical bigger bucks killed in Wisconsin – and everywhere else – this year. Here is the full story of the hunt.

A neighbor put Christorf on a male nicknamed “Hector”

The money appeared in trail-cam photos in August, before disappearing. Kevin Christorf

The typical large male was first spotted by a neighbor, who captured the deer with a surveillance camera in early August, about half a mile from the property Christorf is hunting. The neighbor named the deer “Hector”, after a character of the same name from the film Troy. Christorf did not understand the name of the male – he had never seen Troy—but he realized that the money was huge. A few days later, he started taking pictures of Hector on the property he and his wife Bayli hunt, which is owned by his stepfather. It is a 5 acre property that is only accessible by canoe or boat.

“Once September and the hunting season arrived, the male was gone,” says Christorf. F&S. “We weren’t receiving any photos. No one saw him to our knowledge. We later found out that a neighbor nearly a mile away had trail camera photos of him this month. So he had completely moved out of the region.

But then the giant dollar reappeared on Christorf cameras in October. Bayli had hunted a lot in September and early October, but Christorf had not been able to go out much due to his work and other personal obligations. He’s a conservation warden for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, but serves Clark County, where he hasn’t hunted the buck. Christorf and Bayli started taking more and more pictures of Hector on the daytime camera and decided to do whatever it took to label him.

Buck stands next to the camera
The male has 13 highlights, according to Christorf. Kevin Christorf

“In October, he was clearly starting to heat up,” says Christorf. “Here in Wisconsin, the pre-rut is at the end of October and the peak rut is the first week of November. We started chasing very hard money. I took a bunch of vacation days, and we were both doing sits all day. Bayli had two different occasions when she saw Hector. But both times she couldn’t get a shot opportunity.

The male especially enjoyed hanging out in the neighbor’s cornfield, but regularly ventured onto the property that Christorf and Bayli were hunting. “Four or five days before harvesting Hector, the hours of filming were over and I saw a little male under my tree,” says Christorf. “The little male rubbed it. Then Hector arrived, but it was four and a half minutes after the time of filming. He chased that male away, and he’s gone. It was therefore the third meeting we had with him. The adrenaline was building.

The hunt for Hector did not go as planned

man poses with dead buck with symmetrical antlers
The Christorf male had a typical giant rack and a huge body to match. Kevin Christorf

Bayli had to return to work – she also works for the Wisconsin DNR – but Christorf decided to go after the monster. He hunted all day Tuesday October 26th and all day Wednesday 27th, but did not see him, nor many other deer for that matter. “Thursday arrived and they were calling for heavy rains and possible storms,” he said. “I woke up in the morning and looked at the radar. The rain had stopped. I was like, Okay, I’m staying with my father-in-law anyway. I’m going out hunting. “

“I was canoeing across the river over there and heard a male sniffle and take off. It took a few big jumps and bumped into the neighbor’s cornfield. I thought it sounded pretty good. I crawled over to my tree stand and was sitting there. It was a rather dark morning because of the overcast sky. All of a sudden I heard corn rustling about 35-40 minutes after hours of filming. I could see him walking in the corn.

At this point, Christorf thought he had a good chance of getting a shooting opportunity. “Along the river there is a tight pinch point. It’s a great funnel, especially at this time of year. I knew that if he got to the river, I had a 50/50 chance that he would come straight to me. And that’s what happened.

Well almost. “He was going down the track perfectly. I really expected to have an easy shot, but that’s the chase, isn’t it? Said Christof. “The wind was blowing right at him. He arrives on the path I entered, stops on a dime and begins to stomp. It’s pretty much the worst feeling you can have as a hunter. I really expected him to be released. To be a dollar of his caliber… he obviously got big for a reason.

The huge male stopped and then turned back towards Christof’s canoe. He couldn’t see the deer for a while because of the brush, but the buck then circled around, following Christof’s trail to his tree. “He started to lick my tree stakes and stomped on me. I did not have a shot. Eventually it starts to pull away, but it’s now upwind of me. Then he stops. It was a direct shot from 4 to 5 meters. I pulled and the bolt went right in where I was aiming. I didn’t have a full transmission, and it took off. He was running sideways and I heard a crash out of sight. I was very nervous but optimistic that maybe he was where I heard the crash. I could see a huge trail of blood from the tree.

The hunter, the family and the neighbors all celebrate together

man in pink shirt is holding big deer antlers
Christorf’s neighbor helped him recover from his impressive kill. Kevin Christorf

First, Christorf called his wife, Bayli, then his father, and finally, Dakota, the neighbor who had told him about Hector in the first place. Dakota decided to quit work and come and help Christorf track down the male and together they quickly found the downed beast.

two men stand with dead deer with big antlers
Christorf killed the male on a property owned by his stepfather (pictured right).

“We followed him to where I heard the crash, and that’s where the hugs and tears started. I would be lying if I said I cried over other deer, but I cried for this one. I couldn’t help myself, ”says Christorf. “To be honest, I was just in shock. We knew he was tall, but seeing him in person was surreal. I don’t really remember what went through my mind. I hugged Dakota, almost patting him, then started to cry. We worked so hard and let a lot of different deer pass. To have this success and this luck on my side that morning… emotion took over me.

After that, what Christorf called “the real work” began. He and Dakota had to put the money – which weighed 233 pounds – and bring it back across the river without tipping the canoe. Ultimately, however, Christorf says “the back pain was worth it”.

Man and woman kneel next to dead male
Christorf celebrated his success with his wife Bayli (pictured right), who is also an avid hunter. Kevin Christorf

Christorf initially marked the dollar at 199 inches, but another green marker marked it at 200-5 / 8 inches gross and 196-7 / 8 inches net. This is by far the biggest dollar Christorf has ever taken.

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“The hunting community is really incredible in this corner of the woods,” says Christof. “Everyone was really happy, and it was great. Everyone played a big part in it. There aren’t many areas, at least in my experience, where neighbors share trail-cam photos, hunt together, and just have that kind of relationship with each other. I am very lucky to be able to hunt with such a great group of people.

Christorf has always been an outdoor enthusiast, and killing such a high caliber male is a dream come true. “I love being outside and getting involved in the hunting community and being part of a tradition that has been passed down for years and years,” says Christorf, adding that he also met Bayli through the hunt. “I am a very lucky hunter. That a dollar of that caliber would come downwind of me on my trail… someone upstairs must have looked down on me because it shouldn’t have happened the way it did.