Good ideas almost always come from collaboration.

The first KOA Archery Day 2021 – – September 25 was no different. You see, Commonwealth Broadcasting Corp. – home to 100.7 SAM FM, 105.3 The Point, 106.3 WOVO, and ESPN radio stations – hosts Fishing for Mentors each spring. It is an event where children attend and learn to fish for free.

This year, following Fishing for Mentors, CBC airwaves talent Brian Webb brainstormed with SOKY’s Great Outdoors co-host John Kirby and others to kick off a similar archery day that will feature held in the fall. And it was a smashing success. The turnout was incredible.

Fortunately, the new owners of KOA Holiday participated in these discussions and happily agreed to host the event at the Bowling Green site on Three Springs Road.

“We wanted to give back to the community,” said Christian Kranz, co-owner of KOA Holiday. “In addition, it is also a way for us to involve the local community more in the KOA, as the KOA is usually involved with people from out of town who come and travel. We wanted to have something for the local community.

The new owners – Kranz and Adam Kuzma – bought it in April, and they immediately started working to improve it and the community.

“We haven’t had it for so long, but we’ve already made a lot of improvements,” Kranz said. “We’re trying to add more things that are family oriented to get more kids involved. Of course, archery day is a good way to do it.

Dozens of children attended the free event and learned how to shoot compound in a safe and efficient manner. They also received a free meal and hunting gear like turkey calls which was kindly donated by Duck Commander, which is owned and operated by the stars of Duck Dynasty – the Robertson family.

“I think the kids had a great time,” Kranz said. “We had a good turnout. We hope to have it even bigger next year. But it was really satisfying to see all the kids having fun. To keep the kids busy, for almost a whole day, I think that speaks for itself.

Jody Thompson, whose daughter attended the event, confirmed this assessment.

“They had a great time,” said Thompson. “All the volunteers were very helpful and friendly. I wasn’t surprised how it turned out, but I think it went really well. There is a lot of emphasis on outdoor activities for boys. It’s a natural progression. But we’ve had a lot of girls here who I think had a great time. It kind of opened doors for them and their eyes to a different world than cheerleaders and things of that nature. “

Reflecting on the event, Webb was pleased with the large number of volunteers who came and made it such a success. The kids really enjoyed it. “This is the best part,” said Webb. “They were engaged and having fun. From start to finish, seeing all the smiles and seeing the kids progress in using a bow is amazing. The final to be able to shoot a dollar (3D) from a ground armor? Impressive.”

The event will also help many children who were unable to attend the event. A donation was made for a reputable non-profit organization.

“It was a lot of hours, but it’s still worth it,” Webb said. “We need a certain number of sponsors to be able to succeed and deliver the donation to the recipient. So it’s just a lot of sweat and tears, but good sweat equity. With all the combined efforts of this thing, we were able to reap the benefits of the event through sponsorships and advertisers, and we were able to donate them to the Center for Courageous Kids. They can use it for the greater good.

Webb also congratulated the Kuzma family, Kirby, Alan Thomas and all the others who donated their goods, equipment and time to make the event a success. He also thanked the Town of Bowling Green for making a proclamation and supporting the event.

It will be an impactful annual event for years to come.

“What a special event,” Kirby said. “We were able to get the kids outside and teach them archery – a sport enjoyed in a lifetime. In my opinion, children need more than ever before to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. So many people and businesses in our community gave their time and money to help make this event possible. God willing, this event will continue to become something even more special.