Logan’s son at first didn’t believe him when he said he shot Big Show. But it didn’t take long to convince! (Photo by Logan Jackson)

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Bow season in Iowa is my favorite time of year. In 2021, we had plenty of great photos on all the properties I’m allowed to hunt. We use a lot of cameras and I’ll never forget the day my son yelled at me, “Daddy, look at that monster!”

I thought he was laughing at me, but when I saw the picture I thought, he’s a shooter for sure.

Big Show – Season 1…

I was hoping this hunting season would bring something good as my wife was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumor just before hunting season started. With this constantly in my head, I prayed that the Lord would give me something positive

Every weekend my son and I would pack up and drive to deer camp, thinking of the giant buck on the trail camera and praying for my wife. I ended up calling the deer “Big Show” and hunting it every weekend. I was persistent but only chased him if the wind was good. Finally, November has arrived.

iowa deer breaking news buck
Of all the dollars Logan had on the trail camera, Big Show was the one he knew was definitely a shooter. (Photo by Logan Jackson)

The big show is live

On November 28, 2021, my son dropped me off at my place and walked over to his. It was a quiet, freezing morning, and after we both got to our seats, we started chatting amongst ourselves. It wasn’t long and I looked up the hill and saw movement.

There were 12 deer on the hill, and as you imagine in your dreams, I saw a buck guarding the deer like an old bull elk! It was amazing!

I knew it was Big Show, so I didn’t call or move more than necessary to catch my bow. After tending to the deer, Big Show moved to the bottom of the creek where his scratches and rubs are, and he was only 14 yards away. Once he turned around and walked away from me, I let the arrow fly out of my Mathews and my Rage hit him perfectly for the corner shot!

It traveled 75 meters and I saw it topple over!

The big show breaks down

My knees buckled when I saw him crash and I had to sit down. I snapchatted my son and told him what happened, but he didn’t believe me. But he couldn’t doubt it at all when I sent him pictures; It was crazy!

For me, devoting your time and taking others is what hunting is all about. Hunting, believing in yourself and training is what makes dreams come true!

iowa deer breaking news buck
After his wife found out she had a brain tumor, Logan Jackson hoped he would kill his target male and get some positivity in his life. (Photo by Logan Jackson)

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