Kate Bishop is set to make her MCU debut in the upcoming Hawk Eye streaming series, where she will become Clint Barton’s apprentice as she was in Marvel Comics. Kate Bishop carries on a great tradition of archers in the comics, some of whom are the most iconic superheroes of all the genre.

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Powerful female archers are featured in all major superhero universes and beyond, and especially the DC Universe, are some of the most interesting characters. Many of them have appeared in other media at this point, including TV and movies, and will likely continue to be major players in their respective franchises.


Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop Hawkeye Marvel

Comic book fans know that Kate Bishop took on the role of Hawkeye in the early 2000s. Kate is one of the greatest archers in comics because she is largely self-taught. Although she apprenticed to Clint Barton during the iconic 2011 Hawk Eye run by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, it was self-sufficient before that.

Kate has proven to be as capable or better than Clint in some ways with the bow and arrows, and also as a leader. She’s been directing a modern take on the West Coast Avengers in recent years.


Arwyn shoots an arrow in the Sojourn comics.

Arwyn is a now defunct Crossgen Comics archer and first appeared in Stay # 1. Arwyn doesn’t have any superpowers in this Arthurian-style fantasy, but she is one of the most skilled archers and martial artists in the entire Crossgen universe.

As a member of the Royal Archers, she is trained in a variety of fighting styles and is skilled with a wide range of weapons. Her intelligence and leadership skills also set her apart, and she would be among the deadliest archers in any other comic book universe.


Shado shoots an arrow in DC Comics.

Shado is one of DC Comics’ deadliest supervillains. She’s also one of Green Arrow’s coolest villains in the comics, and easily equal to Oliver Queen when it comes to archery skills. A highly skilled assassin who has worked with both the Ninth Circle and the Outsiders, she is a much sought after secret agent with bloody experience.

Shado is able to take on multiple opponents at once and can maintain her skill and efficiency even when injured, making her extremely difficult to defeat even for the best fighters.

Emiko queen

Emiko Queen is Shado’s daughter, but she uses her incredible skills in the fight for good. An extremely talented archer trained by her half-brother, Oliver Queen, Emiko became the Red Arrow in the comics. Not only is she a great archer like her mother, but she’s also a martial artist and a deadly spy.

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Emiko possesses all of the acrobatic skills of her mother, which she harnesses to become one of DC Comics’ most skilled undercover agents. Her ninja stealth helped her infiltrate the Ninth Circle and gain the upper hand over her enemies.


Scarlett shoots a crossbow in the GI Joe comics.

There’s no question that Scarlett is one of the best archers in comics, portrayed numerous times in the original Marvel comics directed by Larry Hama and in more modern iterations of IDW. A highly skilled counter-intelligence officer as a soldier and hand-to-hand combatant, Scarlett specializes in the use of a crossbow.

While not as explosive as most of the advanced weapons deployed in the battle between the Joes and the Cobra, it is nonetheless very effective. The crossbow shoots arrows and a range of different types of bolts, including explosives.


Arrowette pulls out an arrow in DC Comics.

Bonnie King was the original Arrowette, such a fan of Green Arrow that she ultimately took on a costumed identity on her own. While her tactics and tendency to always get in the middle of things frustrated Green Arrow, she was a skilled archer always ready to help.

His greatest asset was his arsenal of regular arrows and tricks. Most of them are silly, but in keeping with the generally more silly tone of Silver Age DC Comics that she primarily appeared in, they’re a lot of fun. They include bubble bath arrow, hairnet arrow, and hairpin arrow, among others.


Artemis jumping with a bow with Wonder Woman on her back

Artemis is a hero in DC Comics, but a hero some fans may have hated because she wasn’t necessarily a good Wonder Woman title holder. Nonetheless, as an Amazonian warrior, Artemis is among the best archers in the DC Universe. Trained from childhood to be a great warrior, she has superhuman strength, speed and stamina.

She is also trained in virtually every weapon available to the Amazons and is one of the best melee fighters among them. If that wasn’t enough, Artemis also has some magic skills and training.

Wonder woman

Wonder Woman shoots a bow and arrows in DC Comics.

Most people probably don’t think of Wonder Woman as an archer, given her more iconic weapons like the Lasso of Truth. But like most Amazons, she is trained in bow and arrow and is among the most skilled archers in DC Comics. Diana is an expert archer, trained since her childhood.

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Although she tends to favor other weapons, Wonder Woman has at times relied on her archery skills. They are enhanced by her strength and demigod speed, which makes her far more devastating in the use of the weapon than any human archer.


Cartoon huntress cover

The Huntress is known for her use of the crossbow, which fans have seen her use to devastating effect in the Birds of prey movie. Helena Bertinelli uses a variety of bows, including dual mount crossbows and a more traditional bow and arrow. Her speed and skill with weapons is such that she was able to slit a bullet in the middle.

Not only is she a truly remarkable archer, but The Huntress is one of DC Comics’ best martial artists, highly skilled in kickboxing and many other fighting styles.

Dani Moon Star

Dani Moonstar in Marvel Comics

Dani Moonstar is a powerful mutant telepath, but comic book fans know she’s also one of the best, if not the best, archer in Marvel Comics. She grew up using the weapon and, combined with her other talents like telepathy, she can target her opponents in ways that no one else really can.

Her talent as an archer is such that she is recognized by Hawkeye, who offered her a number of rigged arrows for his arsenal in Intrepid Defenders # 12. These include features from his gallery of arrows, including sonic and explosive spikes.

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