With the 2021 PLL season about to begin, the Lax All Stars team is hosting a competition to see who can do the best in a weekly pick for all games in the league.

Here’s how it will work: Our six candidates will make their selection publicly on the Friday before each PLL weekend. Scores will be tallied every Monday, with the leaderboard updated on social media, and then later in this article. This article will have all of the predictions for each week, so you can look back and follow the campaign for our collectors. The winner will be presented as the voice of a lacrosse generation; the last place loser will win the world ridicule until the end of days, or at least until the start of the 2022 season.

Our panel of pickers includes Nick zoroya, Ryan conwell, Ryder cochrane, Nick “Peaches” Pietras, Jonathan vance, and Ryan kuhn, and they are all hungry to reign supreme as the scholar of this site. I, Justin meyer, will remain the impartial official whose job will be to coordinate, moderate and lead this PLL Pick ‘Em 2021 competition with an iron (but fair) fist.

There will be a penalty for the last place loser. Whoever is the pitiful bottom feeder will have to film himself shooting at a butt cage, aiming for the posts and the crossbar. Each hit required to hit all three at least once will be worth $ 1. The last place loser will be responsible for donating the profits generated by his shots to a charity to be determined. For example, if the loser takes 50 strokes to hit all three pipes, they will donate $ 50 to the charity.

The association will be chosen thanks to the help of the readers of Lax All Stars! If you know of a charity that you think should receive the last loser’s donation, please name them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages. As the season progresses, we’ll select a few of the nominated charities and hold a social media vote for fans to decide on the ultimate winner. Then everyone can watch the last place loser donate money to a good cause as determined by our readers.

Let’s start the Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em in progress.

Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Pick ‘Em

Week 1


Sequoias against cannons

Chaos vs. Whipsnakes

Atlas vs. Archers

Cannons vs. Waterdogs

Redwoods vs. Chrome


Nick Zoroya: Cannons, Whipsnakes, Archers, Waterdogs, Chrome

Ryan Conwell: Redwoods, Whipsnakes, Archers, Waterdogs, Chrome

Ryder Cochrane: Redwoods, Whipsnakes, Archers, Cannons, Chrome

Jonathan Vance: Redwoods, Whipsnakes, Archers, Waterdogs, Redwoods

Peaches: Cannons, Whipsnakes, Archers, Cannons, Chrome

Ryan Kuhn: Cannons, Whipsnakes, Archers, Cannons, Redwoods

Good luck to all of our six participants in this PLL Pick ‘Em 2021 challenge. It will be a real test of your lacrosse knowledge, divination and trash talking skills.

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