Mobs in Minecraft are AI-driven entities that resemble living creatures. They are affected by physics, the environmental conditions of the game, and can interact with players or other monsters.

There are a total of 73 mobs in Minecraft as of version 1.17. Each mob has a purpose and specific downfalls and uses.

Monsters can be passive like cows, pigs, and sheep, neutral like the iron golem, or hostile like the skeleton. This article will focus on hostile crowds in Minecraft.

All hostile monsters in Minecraft and their drops in Minecraft

1) Creeper – Gunpowder or, under special conditions, music records and Creeper heads.

2) Skeleton – Bones, arrows and rarely bows.

3) Zombie – Rotten flesh, and rarely, an iron ingot, carrots, and potatoes (baked potatoes if killed by fire).

4) Drowned – Rotten flesh, copper ingots and, most importantly, a trident.

5) Pod – Rotten flesh, and rarely, an iron ingot, carrots and potatoes.

6) Zombie Villager – Rotten flesh, an iron ingot, carrots and potatoes (baked potatoes if killed by fire).

7) Slime – 0-2 balls of Slime

8) Blaze – Blaze Sticks

9) Ghast – Ghast Tear or Gunpowder.

10) Chicken Jockey – Feathers, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken (when killed on fire)

11) Endermite – Experiment

12) Evoker – Totem of Undying, Emerald or a Menacing Banner

13) Guardian – Prismarine shards, or any of the following: a raw cod, prismarine crystals, or no drop.

14) Hoglin – Raw pork chop (cooked pork chop if killed by fire), leather.

15) Magma Cube – Cream of Magma

16) Phantom – Phantom membrane

17) Piglin Brute – Golden Pickaxe (8.5% chance)

18) Raider – Crossbow (8.5% chance) or arrows.

19) Ravager – Saddle

20) Shulker – Shulker shell

21) Silverfish – Experiment

22) Stray – Bones, arrows, arrow of slowness (small chance)

23) Vex – Experience

24) Vindicator – Emeralds, Ominous Banner, or an Enchanted or Normal Iron Ax (8.5% chance)

25) Wither Skeleton – Bone, Coal, Stone Sword (8.5% chance), or a Wither Skeleton Skull (2.5% chance)

26) Witch – Glass Bottles, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Redstone, Spider Eyes, Sugar or Sticks.

27) Zoglin – Rotten Flesh

28) Spider Jockey – Same drops as skeletons (see above) and spiders (thong, spider eye)

29) Elder Guardian – prismarine shards, wet sponge, raw cod (cooked cod if killed by fire), prismarine crystals

30) Skeleton Rider – Bone, saddle (if saddled)


Every hostile crowd in Minecraft drops experience points. Certain monsters also have an incredibly low chance of dropping pieces of armor, tools, and weapons if they spawn with them.

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