A Lockwood hunter recounts how he got lost, and then found, during a recent hunt in the Beartooth Mountains.

Mike Miller split from boyfriend Jared Brooks on an elk archery trip to Carbon County earlier this month. Miller teaches survival skills and used his training to help them get through the cold night.

Carbon County Search and Rescue helped locate Miller, who lives in Lockwood, on Monday, September 13.

“I was quite surprised to tell you the truth,” Miller said. “Sort of one of the best wake-up calls you’ve ever heard. ‘Mike, Mike Miller.’ Yeah, we’ve been looking for you for a while. “

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Mike Miller

Brooks, who is from the Denver area, was worried about Miller’s health issues.

“So he contacted my wife via GPS with text messaging, like ‘I haven’t seen Mike, I don’t know where Mike is,’” Miller said. “So their concern was my health issues that maybe I got knocked off the track. I had a spasm or I was paralyzed and I had, you know, I got off the track. Apparently I was on the wrong trail and Jared was on the trail. The right trail. When I got to the lake around 2:30 or 3, I didn’t watch him, started getting ready for the night. So collecting firewood, making sure I light my fire. And I tell people that all the time Whatever tech you have with you, make sure you have a back-up plan. plan, have a plan, have a plan. ”

Although he didn’t realize he was lost, Miller says he knew what was needed to make it through the night.

“I have experience in survival,” Miller said. “And I’m also an archery hunter and hunting instructor for the state of Montana. So one of the things we teach everyone is to stop, to prepare, to think, observe and plan. “

After being rescued, they completed the week-long hunting trip and Mike Miller’s disappearance stories made him recognizable.

“We met these two people hunting moose and told them what we saw one,” Miller said. “And the guy looks at me and he’s like, ‘Hey. Aren’t you the guy in this Q2 story? Aren’t we supposed to be looking for you? ‘ Like, yeah, but you found me. “