“This is The single person, do not Sarah’s show. “

HELLO, Bach Nation! Welcome to your third installment of “Bach in a Bite: The Official Single To summarize.”


In case you missed last week’s episode, you can catch it up in a jiffy here.

Now that’s not supposed to be a two hour affair, so let’s go, okay?

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, which involved Sarah fainting during the rose ceremony:


Everything went well, but let’s just say this is an apt introduction for the rest of the episode.

BUT, the show has to go on, and Matt James had to eliminate some ladies, and one of those ladies was Marylynn, who, if you remember, Queen Victoria claimed she was “poisonous” and “a bully. “.


The other ladies eliminated were: Sydney, Illeana, Alana and Kristen.

A fallen petal for each of our fallen suitors.

It’s week three, Bach Nation, and Chris Harrison has announced that there will be three dates: two group dates and a one-on-one date. The group’s first date involved the ladies writing ~ erotic fantasies ~ about Matt James – whom * I * lived for – but one lady in particular was uncomfortable, and that girl was Sarah:


The ladies who were not there served as an audience in the studio for the reading of these naughty novels.

During the group cocktail hour, Sarah – who was not invited to this date – interrupted Dildo Katie’s time with Matt James to discuss her insecurities:


I understand … but I don’t understand either.

Needless to say, the ladies did NOT appreciate their time and atmosphere:


Apparently Matt James made a pink date, but I couldn’t tell you who.

The next day Matt James came to take Serena P. for a one-on-one, but noticed Sarah wasn’t downstairs with the ladies, so he went to chat with her:


Now I understand the feeling, but I think it’s a little disrespectful to Serena P. to start your date by comforting another woman. But also, she goes through a lot and has a lot of weight on her, so I’m torn!

Serena P. had her date – which involved donkeys – as the ladies at the house voiced their grievances over Sarah. A conversation was attempted, but emotions were running high and it ended with Sarah returning to her room:


I hate to say it, but Queen Victoria had zingers.

Katie went to comfort Sarah and they ended up having a very moving heart to heart about their fathers:


Sarah’s father has ALS and Katie lost her father in 2012.

This conversation seemed to change Katie’s tune, but not many other ladies:

Ultimately, Sarah made the decision to self-eliminate due to the way women treated her at home * and her family situation at home:

It is clear to me that Sarah was not in the emotional space needed to take this trip with Matt James / on The single person

… HOWEVER, I’ll point out that I wasn’t a huge fan of how she went about leaving. I felt that when Sarah spoke to Matt she blamed her treatment at home and her insecurity in their relationship, but when Sarah spoke to Katie and the ladies she said she wanted to be with her family *:

Regardless, there has been a LOT of talk on Twitter about Sarah’s self-elimination. Some people agreed that the ladies treated Sarah unfairly:

Other people on Twitter have questioned Sarah’s authenticity, since she’s only known Matt James for a few days:

I’ve had water bottles in my room longer than Sarah knows Matt .. why has this girl cried 6 times already #TheBachelor

Twitter: @acceptedrose

ESPECIALLY since it seems that she said one thing to Katie and another to Matt James:

why did sarah tell katie she wasn’t leaving because she was bullied but now tells her women attacked her #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC

But, most importantly, Bach Nation rallied around Katie, and she officially rose to the top of the pack as a favorite fan:

When you can be a supportive friend while showing off the first night with a dildo … A VERSATILE QUEEN #TheBachelor

Twitter: @allaboutthebach

Overall I think Katie herself said it the best!

Dear #BachelorNation – You can’t congratulate me on my kindness and then turn around and attack the girls on the show! We are all on a journey of discovery and growth. Think twice before slipping into a DM with hate and nastiness. #The single person

And that’s what you missed Bach! Tune in next week – and the rest of the season – for roses, thorns and everything in between!

* Sarah leaves * Ladies: ugh, finally we can move on and spend our time with Matt! #TheBachelor producers adding 5 new women:

Twitter: @ IKFountas9

Which apparently includes five new contenders …

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