Fall is harvest time in the Mississippi outdoors. As the days grow shorter and the temperature cools, activity increases in the woods and on the waters. There is so much to see and do but so little time. Sometimes deciding what to do next is the only problem because there is so much to do.

• Dove Hunting – There is no doubt that dove hunting is a favorite pastime of many hunters, as now is the time to renew old friendships and come together for good-humored jokes and brag about who killed the most or missed the most. Old times are rarely forgotten, and dove hunts are a good time to recall some of those old days over a delicious meal after a successful dove hunt.

• Bow Hunting – With the advent of new bow technology, which allows more people to hunt with bows and arrows, there is simply no limit to who can hunt with a bow. or a crossbow. Many women, teens and older adults have entered the sport of bow hunting because bows are lighter, faster, easier to shoot, and almost anyone can shoot a bow. or ride a crossbow. Crossbows are extremely fast and precise, and they’re fun to use because deer are much calmer and easier to spot.

• Squirrel Hunting – Squirrel hunting has traditionally been a staple for young children and teens as well as anyone who enjoys action. Squirrels are plentiful almost anywhere you go, and they make fun and challenging targets with .22 rifles and small caliber shotguns. Squirrels are tasty and make the best brown sauce you can eat with a homemade cookie. When tenderized in the pressure cooker and simmered in a brown sauce like Maw Maw Nolen or Grandma Giles did, there is nothing finer.

• Rabbit Hunting – Although rabbit hunting has become an end of season hunt due to modern deer hunting practices, it remains a prime choice after frost. The action is fantastic and the sport of rabbit hunting is challenging and fast-paced. Rabbits have white meat, unlike squirrels, and they eat much better. Few things are better than a meal of fried rabbit, cookies, taters, and gravy.

• Crappie Fishing – From mid to late October, crappies congregate and move less deeply. Sometimes they relate to stream channels and drop-off areas and just move to the surface, and sometimes they’ll move to shelves, stumps, and shallow water logs, but they’ll be ready to inhale your jig. , favorite spinner or minnow. The action can be fast and furious as they feed in anticipation of the coming winter and the spawning that follows.

• Bass Fishing – There is never a bad time to go bass fishing, although the hot summer is quite difficult for seniors these days. Bass fishing in the fall can be one of the best fisheries of the year as the bass school rises and feeds heavily on ledges, landing areas and points. They will generally attack spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and surface lures with the same ferocity after the water cools.

• Duck Hunting – The swamps and coves in this part of the state will fill up after the migration south, and a fantastic fall duck hunt can be enjoyed statewide. In the Delta region there will be more ducks and more opportunities, but there is nothing more difficult than trying to hit woods that are sizzling through treetops or exploding swamps and streams.

• Quail hunting – Although there are a few places where you can find a flock or two of quail, most quail is slaughtered in canned food these days. However, they’re still challenging, fun, and exciting when you can get a group of friends together. There is nothing better than watching a bird dog on the point and seeing it chase quail. Quail is my favorite wild game because white meat is delicious when fried, simmered in a sauce, or cooked on the grill.

• Pig Hunt – No matter how you cut them, pigs are some of the best smoked sausages in the world. If you can harvest one or two pigs, you might have enough smoked sausages to last the whole year, and you would be doing everyone a favor by exterminating them, as they are predators and almost impossible to eradicate.

• Deer Hunting – Cunning white-tailed deer hunting is an experience that most people enjoy. Young and old, boys and girls, it doesn’t matter – if you want to hunt deer, there’s a place for almost everyone. Many young people harvest their first deer and also help control the deer population. Trophy deer are fun and exciting to hunt and kill, but they are also tasty when properly prepared and handled with care. Venison is excellent made in sausages or cut into steaks, roasts, soups and stews. If you handle them with care and prepare them properly, meat is good for you with its low fat content, and it’s tasty too. As George Blackwell often said: “It’s so good it’s going to make you slap your grandmother!”

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