Mojang Studios has released update for Minecraft dungeons today. We have the full patch notes for the May 26 update.

the Minecraft dungeons update 1.17 can now be downloaded for all platforms. You need to download 630MB on the PS4, the download size may vary depending on the platform.

Minecraft Dungeons 1.17 Patch Notes / Update

Free update:

Raid captains

  • Taking down these dangerous enemies will immediately change the way you play. Defeat them and they’ll drop one of two tokens: one that instantly increases the mission’s threat level and another that adds a rule modifier to yours
  • Survive the mission with tokens in the trailer and you earn the Raid Captain’s Bounty, a special reward at the end of the mission. Look for those Raid Captains, add a new challenge level, and reward your missions!

New spells

  • Guard strike (first row)
  • Luck of the sea (armor)
  • Multiple charge (remote)
  • Refreshments (distance and melee)
  • Rush (armor)

Turn off screen shake

  • Added a switch to accessibility settings that allows gamers to turn screen shaking on or off

New Achievements

  • 10 new achievements / trophies to unlock during your adventures

Hidden Depths of the DLC:

DLC functionality

  • Three new submarine missions
  • A mix of new salty mobs and enemies
  • New weapons, artifacts
  • Two new skins and a baby turtle

New weapons

  • Anchor (Melee)
  • Still inlaid (one-piece body)
  • Bubble Bow (remote)
  • Bubble Burster (single distance)
  • Coral blade (first row)
  • Sponge Hitter (Unique Melee)
  • Harpoon crossbow (ranged)
  • Heavy harpoon (single range)

New armor

  • Squid armor
  • Glow Squid Armor (unique)
  • Turtle armor
  • Agile Turtle Armor (Unique)

New artifacts

  • he of the guardian
  • Harpoon quiver
  • Satchel of Elixir
  • Binder of snacks


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • You can now play local co-op on PlayStation 4 without having to sign in to a Microsoft account (MCD-4810)
  • Fixed the number of enchanted slain monsters or mini-bosses not updating correctly for merchant progression in achievement progression (MCD-5596, MCD-5608, MCD-5655, MCD-5666, MCD-5670)
  • Poison damage now increases with item power (MCD-3936)
  • Pets summoned by artifacts can no longer destroy Scatter Mines (MCD-4958)
  • Sounds of the Iron Golem can no longer be heard after the Golem dies (MCD-3837)
  • Fixed issue with Ender’s heart being a shooting attack spawning just for these hosts during Online Co-op (MCD-5502)
  • Fixed the Flaming Quiver and Thundering Quiver arrows instantly inflicting lethal damage when deflected by a crowd with the Deviant spell (MCD-5405)
  • Fixed some antivirus software to prevent progress recording (MCD-5269)
  • Powershaker’s explosion no longer blocks arrows from other players (MCD-5406)
  • Secret Places No longer use placeholder narration when completing missions (MCD-5323)
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the cage after dying in the Underhalls (MCD-4343)
  • Players can no longer use “Return to Control Point” when they are down
  • Remove unnecessary sound effects from Download Hero screen
  • Fixed enemy arrows do not harm bees
  • Fixed TNT collisions on falling blocks, doors and geomancer walls
  • The “Subtitles” option in accessibility settings now has an appropriate toggle like the other options
  • Fixed Weeping Vine Bow, Bone Club, Living Creeper Armor, and Golden Pig Armor not having unique sparkling sounds when released during play
  • Fixed an issue with the environmental protection armor property not reducing damage enough when rugged climbing gear was equipped
  • Fixed Key Golem falling into the ground on Desert Temple
  • Fixed players seen as holding both melee and ranged weapons on the inventory screen
  • Increased spacing of artifact icons on download / hero download screens when playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Fixed an issue where touch controls and effect counter overlapped on HUD when playing on Xbox Cloud Gaming
  • Fixed creatures thrown into the air after being killed by the Fire Trail spell
  • You can now select chat wheel messages using the D-Pad
  • The 50% melee mob daily test modifier has the ‘weaken’ spell that no longer applies to ranged mobs
  • Artifact charge no longer triggers after picking up a consumable
  • Improved readability of the focus indicator on the friends list using both outline and background highlight

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