Elytra’s wings in Minecraft are the only way for players to take flight in their survival worlds, but they can be hard to find.

Wings of Elytra in Minecraft are perhaps the rarest and hardest piece of armor/gear to obtain in a survival world. Elytra wings allow the player to hover in the air and fly using fireworks or an enchanted trident. The Elytra Wings occupy the chest plate slot in the game and are the only item that can give players the ability to fly in a survival world. Although wings are technically pieces of armor, they cannot be crafted using in-game materials. Elytra can only be found in Floating End Ships, which are located in cities in the End, which can only be found after defeating the ender dragon, so getting a pair of wings is no small feat.


Players will have to battle the irritating, yet deadly Skulkers, Ender Dragon, and End Cities in order to get their hands on an Elytra. Players should try to get the best Minecraft enchantments for their pieces of armor and weapons before they launch into the final dimension. Players will want a good bow and plenty of arrows (unless they have the Infinity Enchantment) to both take down the ender dragon and deal with the Skulkers in End Cities. A pair of Feather Falling enchanted boots can be a lifesaver in End Cities, as the projectiles fired by Skulkers will cause the player to float upwards for a few seconds before collapsing to the ground.

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Once players have enchanted their gear and are ready to take on the dragon of the end in Minecraft, they must stock up on cobblestones or blocks of earth. The only way to leave the End Island that the dragon and player spawn on is to use it by sneaking around so they don’t fall into the void of the End and lose all their gear. Players could still try to reach The End faster without preparation, but it would be hard to kill the End Dragon and even harder to get a pair of Elytra Wings.

Where to find Elytra wings in Minecraft

Minecraft Player uses Potion & Elytra to jump higher than ever

Players will need to travel to an End City after defeating the Ender Dragon in order to find Elytra Wings in Minecraft. Once the dragon is defeated, start building on the island in any direction using cobblestones or dirt until there is more land in sight. End towns will appear randomly on any of these other land formations, so be patient when looking for them as they are very rare. Once players arrive in a city in the End, they will need to search for what looks like a ship floating in the air. If there is a floating ship, players will need to climb the Skulker-filled towers in town until they can build themselves onto the ship. A Minecraft A bow or crossbow is the best way to deal with Skulkers safely. Once players have climbed onto the floating ship, a pair of Elytra’s wings can be found in an item frame below the ship’s deck on the wall.

Minecraft players can equip the wings and double click jump to slide straight from the ship to the nearest final portal to exit the end. Small portals with Bedrock around them will spawn near the End Cities and will teleport the player to their spawn bed if they throw an ender pearl at them. Players can double jump from any raised surface to slide Minecraft, but the only way to fly is to use craft fireworks in the air. Players can also fly with Riptide enchanted tridents when it rains in their survival world. However, players should immediately look to put Unbreaking and Mending enchantments on their wings, as they are one of the weakest gear in the game and lose durability with each flight.

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