Enchantment tables open up a whole new world when it comes to upgrading your gear in Minecraft, so here is a list of all the enchantments currently in the game along with their effects. No matter where an enchantment comes from, whether it’s an enchanting table or an enchanted book you bought from a villager, the effects will always be the same, so don’t worry. Also, not all enchantments will work with all item types, so this list will be broken down based on which enchantments can go on what.


  • Bane of Arthropods IV (Swords / Axes) – Increases damage dealt to Spiders, Silverfish / Endermites, and Bees
  • Channeling (Tridents) – During thunderstorms, tridents with this enchantment will cause lightning to strike enemies when it hits them
  • Aspect of Fire (Swords) – Causes attacks to ignite enemies on fire
  • Flame (Bows) – Ignites arrows
  • Impalage IV (Tridents) – Increases damage dealt to aquatic creatures and enemies
  • Infinite (Bows) – Grants an infinite number of normal arrows when there is at least one in your inventory, does not affect special arrow types
  • Knockback I-II (Swords) – Attacks inflict increased knockback
  • Looting I-III (Swords) – Defeated monsters drop more loot when defeated
  • Loyalty I-III (Tridents) – Returns the trident to you after being thrown
  • Multiple Shots (Crossbows) – The crossbow shoots three arrows at a time, while consuming only one
  • Piercing I-IV (Crossbows) – Pass arrows through multiple enemies
  • Power IV (Bows) – Increases damage of arrows
  • Punch I-II (Bows) – Increases the recoil of arrows
  • Quick Charge I-III (crossbows) – Decreases crossbow charge time
  • Riptide I-III (Tridents) – Instead of throwing the trident, you will now use it to propel yourself through water or rain
  • Sharpness IV (swords / axes) – Increases damage
  • Smite IV (Swords / Axes) – Increases damage dealt to undead enemies
  • Sweeping Edge I-III (Swords) – Increases damage from the sweep attack on swords


  • Efficiency IV – Increases mining speed
  • Fortune I-III – Increases drops from certain blocks, such as ores
  • Silk Touch – Allows you to mine and obtain certain blocks otherwise impossible to collect, such as Glass Blocks and Ore Blocks
  • Luck of the Sea I-III (Fishing Rods) – Increases good fishing loot rate
  • Lure I-III (Fishing rods) – Accelerates bites


  • Aqua Affinity (Helmets) – Increases the speed of underwater extraction
  • Explosion Protection I-IV – Reduces damage from explosion and recoil
  • Fire Protection I-IV – Reduces fire damage and the amount of time you stay on fire
  • Projectile Protection I-IV – Reduces damage from incoming projectiles
  • Protection I-IV – Decreases overall damage taken
  • Breathing I-III (Helmets) – Increases the amount of time you can stay safely underwater
  • Thorns I-III – Reflects some of the damage taken by the attacker
  • Depth Strider I-III (Boots) – Increases movement speed underwater
  • Feather Falling I-IV (Boots) – Decreases fall damage
  • Soul Speed ​​I-III (Boots) – Increases speed on Soul Sand and Soul Ground
  • Frost Walker I-II (Boots) – Turns the water under your feet into temporary ice blocks

Universal Enchantments

  • Unbreaking I-III – Increases the durability of the enchanted item
  • Repair – The enchanted item automatically repairs itself when it gains EXP points


In the game, there are a small handful of curses that inflict negative effects as opposed to positive effects. Items containing curses cannot be deleted under any circumstances.

  • Curse of Vanishing – Completely removes cursed items with this effect on death
  • Curse of Binding – Ensures that the cursed item with this effect cannot be removed unless it breaks or drops on death

Minecraft is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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