The Houghton County Sheriff would like to stress the importance of leaving a hunting plan with family and friends. At 6:45 p.m. last night, the sheriff responded to a call about a 62-year-old missing man in Stanton Township. The deputies discovered that the man had been deposited in his camp by a male and female acquaintance. Acquaintances have forgotten the location of the camp. And the immediate family did not know the whereabouts of the 62-year-old. At approximately 8:30 p.m., the Houghton County Sheriff located the missing hunter in his Stanton Township camp, and the hunter’s cabin was without heat for 24 hours. The man was found in stable condition.

As the hunting season begins, the Houghton County Sheriff urges hunters to leave a detailed plan for your trip to the deer camp with a family member or close friend. A hunting plan should include details of what time you expect to arrive and leave camp, who you will be with during that time, directions to your hunting location, and contact details with your mobile operator. These details can make the task of locating lost hunters much easier for law enforcement and search volunteers. Stay safe and good luck this season to all Copper Country hunters.

.pdf example of a hunting plan from bowhunter-ed.com

Hunting plan and safety tips for hunters on hunter-ed.com

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