District 1 – Baudette district

CO Ben Huener (Roseau) the duck and grouse hunters checked. It also followed up on a trapping complaint and reports of deer being killed in fields at three different locations in Roseau and Marshall counties. Anglers have been screened on Lake of the Woods and Rainy River. Enforcement measures have been taken for angling with an additional line.

CO Corey Sura (Baudette East) anglers and waterfowl hunters checked in the area. New birds and colder weather appeared during the week, providing increased waterfowl hunting activity and success. Sura also worked in the maintenance and inventory of various equipment.

CO Ryan Brown (Karlstad) monitored small game hunters and fishermen throughout the week. Reports of grouse hunters multiply as leaves fall from trees and undergrowth. There has been decent fishing success in a few areas. He responded to calls regarding the use of the food plots for the deer season.

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CO Jeremy Woinarowicz (Thief River Falls West) taught an ATV safety course in Newfolden, worked on the Lake of the Woods with Commander Huener, and supervised waterfowl hunters in the area. Enforcement actions for the week included exceeding the limit for walleye, angling with extra lines, carrying walleye dressed without a patch of skin, no helmets on juvenile ATV riders , authorization of illegal operation of an ATV by a juvenile, garbage in a wildlife management area, an unlabeled migratory birds and violations of the federal waterfowl stamp.

CO Demosthenes Regas (South Blackduck) reports active ATV activity and a big game and small game hunter check last week. Time was spent dealing with nuisance beaver reports, garbage and carcass dumping complaints, assisting instructors on an ATV safety day, and investigating TIP (Turn in Poachers) information. The offenses encountered and dealt with last week concerned the driving of ATVs on the hiking trails of non-motorized hunters.

CO Nicholas Prachar (Blackduck North) reports that hunting and fishing activity has been slower due to weather conditions. The time was devoted to the activity of big and small game.

War # 1 – vacant.

War road # 2 – vacant.

Baudette # 1 – vacant.

District 2 – Bemidji district

Commander Tom Hutchins (Crookston) reports attending a gun safety course in the fertile area. Time was also spent checking in anglers and bow deer hunters. Several duck hunters were contacted throughout the week.

CO Tim Gray (Bagley) controlled waterfowl hunters and small game hunters.

CO Brice Vollbrecht (Bemidji # 1) supervised fishing and waterfowl hunting on the region’s lakes. He towed a group of hunters to a local resort after experiencing engine problems. Online training has been completed and area ATV trails have been patrolled.

CO Chris Vinton (Perham) reports investigating calls for a possible filling of a lake in the area and possible violations of wetlands. He also received a TIP from a vehicle that had entered posted land and was stuck in a large mud hole. Vinton also issued a number of car-killed deer permits and forwarded a call and photos, taken by a local archery hunter, of a very sickly-looking deer. Vinton also continued to work on a background investigation, conducting several interviews and compiling information. Enforcement measures were taken for trespassing on posted land.

CO Jake Swedberg (Detroit Lakes) spent the week keeping an eye out for duck hunters, anglers and highland bird hunters. Duck hunting success has been mixed in the region since the opening, but more ducks appear to be settling in the area now. Few pheasant hunters were seen this weekend, let alone birds. Swedberg also answered many questions regarding safety classes and requirements for young hunters as the youth season approaches.

CO Al Peterson (Osage) worked on two separate trespassing cases and one entrapment violation, as well as complaints of vehicles blocking access to state forest barriers. He also processed two nuisance beaver permit applications.

CO Steve Chihak (Moorhead) spent the week working in sport fishing and law enforcement on waterfowl and small game hunting. Time was also devoted to the opening of the pheasant hunt during the weekend. Prior to the start of the season, Chihak was contacted by someone requesting information on ATV / OHM use on state forest lands. During the conversation, the individual commented on how bad the pheasant hunting had been so far. When he was informed that the pheasant season had started on Saturday, the caller was silent. After a long pause, the caller said, “Guess I’m having problems now.”

CO Bill Landmark (Pelican Rapids) spent the week monitoring waterfowl hunters, pheasant hunters and archery hunters. He also continued to work on a background survey for the upcoming CO Academy. The number of waterfowl in the area is low and hunters eagerly await the start of a migration. Most pheasant hunters were successful on opening day with reports of a decent number of unidentifiable small broods mixed in. Hunters interested in hunting walk-in properties are advised to purchase the $ 3 WIA validation prior to the hunt. Enforcement measures were taken for no small game permits, trespassing, WIA validation and hunting without a license in possession.

Bemidji # 2 – vacant.

District 3 – Fergus Falls Region

Commander Tricia Plautz (Henning) participated in two gun safety field days last week. Plautz worked the opening of the pheasant season, finding a few hunters taking advantage of the fall weather. Several phone calls have been received regarding the upcoming deer seasons. Calls from sick and injured deer have been addressed. Plautz assisted the state patrol in an accident involving multiple horses.

CO Mitch Lawler (Alexandria) law enforcement efforts last week focused on waterfowl and pheasant hunters, as well as fall anglers. Many good contacts were made in the area as the warmer weather continued into the fall. Enforcement measures have been taken for angling with extra lines, unregistered ATVs and transporting loaded firearms in a motor vehicle. A conference on hunting safety was also given to a large local company as part of its “Lunch and Learn” event.

Commander Andrew Goodman (Elbow Lake) reports working a busy pheasant opener. Waterfowl hunting activity remained low. Many good contacts were made over the weekend, from novice young hunters to more experienced hunters always willing to travel miles to hunt birds with their friends and family. Additional time was spent auditing deer bow hunters and investigating trespassing complaints. Hunters are reminded to use multiple sources to determine the limits of road rights-of-way and to pay attention to posted signs. The enforcement actions included hunting in a wildlife sanctuary, no pheasant stamps and no permits in possession.

Commander Shane Osborne (Evansville) controlled fishermen and pheasant and waterfowl hunters. Waterfowl numbers in the area are on the decline and hunters Osborne spoke to did not have good hunts last weekend. A few roosters were found in the bag on opening weekend.

CO Hanna Wood (Wheaton) spent the last week working on his background investigation. She responded to calls from the public with questions regarding waterfowl and deer hunting. She also attended the invasive species presentations at Breckenridge Elementary School in grade five. She is happy to see what the children have learned about invasive species and is happy that they can help spread the word.

Commander Emily Douvier (Morris) reports that waterfowl, small game and firefighting are working. Enforcement actions for the week included poisonous shots in possession on federal lands and while hunting migratory waterfowl, no pheasant stamps, no permits in possession and burning of prohibited materials.

Commander Daniel Baumbarger (Glenwood) reports that enforcement efforts for the week focused on controlling pheasant and waterfowl hunters. Additional time was spent checking ATV riders and bow hunters and investigating illegal fires. A dog bite complaint was investigated at Glacial Lakes State Park.

Fergus Falls – vacant.

District 4 – Quartier Walker

CO Nick Baum (Rapids Park) patrolled the area for ATV operators, as well as for small and big game activities. Baum continues to work on a big game investigation.

CO Adam Seifermann (Staples) reports continuing to work on a background investigation, checking hunters and fishermen and patrolling wildlife management areas. He has received complaints / appeals regarding laws on hunting, trespassing, pest and property / equipment left overnight in WMAs.

Commander Calie Kunst (Remer) spent time monitoring anglers, small game and waterfowl hunters throughout the week. The crop of grouse increases as the leaves fall. Kunst has received calls regarding scattered camping, permanent duck blinds and general hunting questions.

Commander Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) mainly controlled fishermen as the fishing and the weather continue to be good. Three fishing complaints were received and investigated. One resulted in enforcement actions for angling without a license and without additional lines. Several training sessions were carried out.

CO Patrick McGowan (Walker) the lakes in the supervised area for angling and boating. Enforcement measures have been taken for numerous offenses related to angling and boating. McGowan also attended the Cass County Minnesota Deer Hunters Association banquet, where many questions were answered regarding the upcoming deer season.

CO Michael Cross (Lake George) worked big game hunting and small game hunting and controlled fishermen. Case work, training and equipment maintenance were also carried out. Cross reminds hunters that all attractants and deer feeding are prohibited in Hubbard and Cass counties. See page 79 of the 2021 Minnesota Hunting Regulations book.

ATV Recreation Officer – vacant.


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