The Morton County Senior Freestyle Team won first place at the 2022 4-H Archery State Championships to qualify its members and another top archer for the 2023 4-H National Championships in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Youngsters between the ages of 8 and 18 competed in three age categories. The 8 to 10 year olds were beginners, the 11 to 13 year olds were in the junior division and the 14 to 18 year olds were in the senior division. The competition has a barebow and freestyle division.

Senior Division entrants competed for the top four spots to qualify for the 2022 4-H National Invitational Game in Grand Island, Nebraska. The senior competition consisted of three events: World Federation Field Archery (FITA), National Federation Field Archery (NFFA), International Bowhunters Organization 3-D (IBO). The junior age division competed in IBO 3-D and NFAA field archery. Beginners competed in IBO 3-D.

The Morton County team of Bennet Schuler, Hatley Hetleved, Kadin Beneke and Kendra Boehm placed first in the Senior Freestyle Team Division. The qualification condition of three other complete teams present to qualify a departmental team was not in force. The optional condition to qualify the top four archers with a fifth alternate archer was. Trace Christ was named the fourth qualified archer with Kendra Boehm as alternate.

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• First – Bennet Schuler with 343/500 in FITA, 139/160 in NFAA and 271/300 in IBO 3-D

• Second – Hatley Hettled with 348, 127, 258

• Third – Kadin Beneke with 323, 131, 260

• Fourth – Trace Christ of Stutsman County with 326, 131, 256

• Fifth – Kendra Boehm with 319, 127, 253

The Morton County junior team scored 809 to take first place in 3-D. The team members were Landon Mossett, Zoe Peterson, James McGarth and Anna Bargmann. The Hettinger County junior team of Keith Beau, Marck Schmidt, Westin Gilman and Kaleb Reindel finished second with a score of 745. Ward County finished third with members Breanna Mindt, Brynlee Bloms and Stetson Brandvold with 687. top five individual scorers were:

• First – Abigail Ferguson of Williams County with a score of 289/300

• Second – Landon Mosset with 288

• Third – Zoe Peterson with 261

• Fourth – James McGarth with 260

• Fifth – Keith Beau with 253

The first five individual winners of the FITA Junior competition were:

• First – Abigail Ferguson of Williams County with a score of 239

• Second – Brandon Kunz of Morton County with 234

• Third – Kaleb Reindel of Hettinger County with 231

• Fourth – Kacia Berg of Morton County with 227

• Fifth – County Ward’s Brynlee Broms with 225

The Morton County Beginner Freestyle Team of Haidyn Mosset, Jack Bargmann, Odessa Veith and Moritz Brekken placed first with a score of 743. The McLean County Team of Presley Thompson, Croix Carter and Hoyt Carter finished second with a score of 643. Individual top five scorers were:

• First – Everson Quade of County Ward with a score of 284

• Second – Haidyn Mosset with a score of 259

• Third – Presley Thompson with a score of 258

• Fourth – Jack Bargmann with 250

• Fifth – Hoyt Cater with 250

The shooting sports are sponsored by Scheels, a supporter of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation.

Karla Meikle is the Morton County Extension Officer for 4-H Youth Development.

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